Sunday, March 01, 2009

Being a grownup sucks

Yesterday I was driving to Trader Joe's (as an aside, Trader Joe's is AWESOME. Why don't I go there every weekend? It's got all kinds of cool yummy foods like Whole Foods but for like a fourth of the price!), and heard a commercial on the radio for the St Patrick's Day Raffle. For the first time in my life, I thought "I should buy a lottery ticket." I was in traffic and my mind drifted off to what I would buy with a cool million.

You know you are lame when the first thing you think about winning a million dollars is that it would kill your effective tax rate.

Winning a million dollars would leave you 600K after tax, assuming an effective 40% tax rate. Here's how I would spend my million:
  • Pay off the condo
  • Pay off the RAV4
  • Buy a Prius
  • Do all the home improvements we want to do: New carpet, kitchen, bathrooms, painting, new appliances, etc.
  • Put the rest in the bank

Just call me a CPA but this list is hella lame. What would you do with a million dollars? And please let is be a less lame list than mine is!!


The Big Gorilla said...

I would pay off your condo
Pay off the RAV4
Buy you a prius
Pay off Katie's house
Pay off her car and hopefully have enough to help Jay get a house.
(Through the Deacon's fund at church. That would be really low effective tax rate) They would get the balance.

That would be way fun!!!

The Big Gorilla (Apes Dad)

Kara said...

pretty sure my list is pretty lame, too.....

buy house
pay off student loans
put money away for the kids' college
boring boring boring


Bayjb said...

To be safe, I say take out 50 percent for taxes. Which just SUCKS.

All good plans. With $500k, I would buy a condo, get a car, pay off my student loans, take my parents out for a very nice dinner and put the rest in the bank. done.

Tabatha said...

Ok now that I am done laughing at the "Big Gorilla"
I'd Buy a new place
buy a new vehicle for self and hubby
take the kids somewhere really kool
and put the rest away for a rainy day month or year. :-)
pretty lame but thats my story and Im stickin to it!

Mich said...

In my boring life I would:

1. Go on a super sweet vacation
2. Pay off condo
3. Stash some in the mattress for baby's college fund
4. Stash more for something down the line

In my cooler life I would:
1. Open a candy store

Toolio said...

Sadly your list is very accurate. I woul seriously think about taking a year off of work for this super sweet vacation my wife is talking about.