Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm off to Italy for a few weeks (actually enjoying Venice right now!!)... see ya on the flipside, peeps!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bullet-y love

  • I feel like this week is going to FLY by! My group at work is doing a Cubs rooftop on Thursday afternoon and Friday I am off b.c our flight leaves Friday afternoon. EEK! We have been dreaming, planning, saving for this vacation for what seems like a lifetime and I am so excited that it's actually here.
  • A friend is getting married in December and I found flights and 2 nights hotel (at an all-inclusive resort. That includes food AND booze people!) for only $425 a person. I am so freaking excited about this you don't even know. A Mexican weekend vacay for only that much? Seems insane, almost like they're paying US to go.
  • I have all my stuff to head to Italy in a pile and just need to put it in a suitcase. I am just telling you right now that I am way impressed with my ability to pack light for this trip. It's amazing. I might actually get all my stuff in my one small suitcase that would be able to not be checked (if not for those goshdarned liquids).
  • I finished painting the den walls and trim last week and it looks so good. Once we get back from Italy and finish the last few tasks I will upload some before and after photos.
  • Mike and I watched Wanted last week. I would not recommend it to anyone. It wasn't even remotely plausible and for such good actors (Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman) it had poor acting.
  • Milly has been ridiculously grabby lately. Her new victims are pens of all sizes and shapes. If you ever think "Where was that pen? I just had it?" at our place, I can guarantee there is a beagle somewhere hiding in a corner chomping on that pen. Just a warning! She has also been crazy at night - totally tore up the bottom of her crate (plastic AND cushion) last weekend. I don't know if she's getting anxious or having night terrors or what... regardless, she was better last night. So at least I didn't fall asleep and wake up to beagle-whining.
  • I am getting REALLY worried about how Milly is going to be for our various Milly-sitters while we're gone. I am saving a big bag of Pig Ears for while we're gone so Jay/Kim/Emily can get a break from the beagle-crazy by tossing one of those at her!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Picture messaging

I have been trying to send cute pics of Milly to Hubs during the week to put a smile on his face. I also would like him to see that we miss him and allow a bit of insight as to what he is missing. I think of it as a way to include him in the small trivial stuff of my day, which I would want if I was out of town! This morning I sent this pic of Milly. I have not been letting Milly up on the bed much, but this morning when I said "MILLY OFF" she gave me this look. It was so cute I had to grab my phone and snap a pic to send to Mike.

I guess I would be a more effective pet owner if I just had stuck to my guns and said OFF again instead of going "awwww, such a cute puppeh!" and taking a picture, no? Oh well. There are moments in life that are more important than disciplining my stubborn dog. (as an aside, Mike thinks Milly makes herself look cuter when she needs to, like Puss in Boots on Shrek2. I don't think she has that high of , uh, cognitive skills but who knows.)

Last week I sent a pic of Milly chewing a rawhide on the bedroom floor with the subject line "Dog is helping me get ready for work".... Mike responded "By help you mean not directly impeding, right?" Exactly.

I started worrying on the way to work that Mike wasn't taking these photos the way I meant - but felt more guilt for being out of town and sad for missing things. Luckily he felt exactly the way I meant them to be received, happy to get updates on Dog and it puts a smile on his face. Score! I'm glad he likes the pics, b.c I sure do like taking them and sharing them with him. I'll have to keep them coming. And for some reason, I think Milly will never let me lack for things to share. Even if it's only a daily "What inappropriate item did Dog chew today?" email (PS yesterday's not-intentional-chew-toy was an empty roll of painting tape).

Video for your Wednesday!

I have no idea why this made me laugh so hard.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday, Monday....

Dudes, I am a special kind of exhausted today after this weekend!

Friday we hit up happy hour with some of Mike's friends and some of my former PwC coworkers. Saturday was breakfast/brunch with the Reuters and another of Mike's coworkers. Then my friend Amy is turning 30 and we met her at the festivities at around 1 in the afternoon. I didn't get home until like midnight! Then yesterday we did alot of sleeping, eating, and did the tile backsplash in our kitchen.

My fingers are RAW from ripping the individual tiles off the fiber backing and cutting them to fit in the top row of the backsplash. As I type this I have a lime-green bandaid with neosporin on my left pointer finger.
As for the backsplash, I think it's turning out well. We still need to grout it next weekend, which I'm a tad bit nervous for. But overall I think it looks pretty darn good :) The whole excercise wasn't THAT bad, but it was NO walk in the park like the DIY channel makes you think. I mean, they make it look like all rainbows and unicorns and it definitely was more difficult than that!

I am so tired, but have a ridiculously busy week planned. More painting, need to scrub the extra adhesive off that tile, seeing Em's new place, a LOST date with Jay and Kim, and having some friends over for drinks on Thursday. Yowsa!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Hubs and I went up to Scooter's for the first time this year for some frozen custard. I noticed on the menu that they had free doggie cones, and Milly thoroughly enjoyed her cone!

If I had thumbs they would all be up for that cone!

Friday, May 01, 2009

It's friday!

And I also got a haircut and highlight last night....

It's been a long time since I've gotten a highlight and been actually kind-of blonde. I like it, but I'm already wondering if it was a good idea after paying the bill last night. I'm kicking myself a little bit, remembering the reasons why I grew my highlights out to begin with (what a long and painful process!). Most of the reasons amounted to the arm, leg, and firstborn child they charge you here for haircolor! Maybe I'll just touch it up once halfway through the summer and then have it died back for the winter. Then never color my hair again!!!

ALSO: Workplace is going to be on the Ellen show today! I am excited to see what's up - that is all we know so far but there is a viewing party downstairs at 3:00 PM (Central)... sounds like fun!