Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Picture messaging

I have been trying to send cute pics of Milly to Hubs during the week to put a smile on his face. I also would like him to see that we miss him and allow a bit of insight as to what he is missing. I think of it as a way to include him in the small trivial stuff of my day, which I would want if I was out of town! This morning I sent this pic of Milly. I have not been letting Milly up on the bed much, but this morning when I said "MILLY OFF" she gave me this look. It was so cute I had to grab my phone and snap a pic to send to Mike.

I guess I would be a more effective pet owner if I just had stuck to my guns and said OFF again instead of going "awwww, such a cute puppeh!" and taking a picture, no? Oh well. There are moments in life that are more important than disciplining my stubborn dog. (as an aside, Mike thinks Milly makes herself look cuter when she needs to, like Puss in Boots on Shrek2. I don't think she has that high of , uh, cognitive skills but who knows.)

Last week I sent a pic of Milly chewing a rawhide on the bedroom floor with the subject line "Dog is helping me get ready for work".... Mike responded "By help you mean not directly impeding, right?" Exactly.

I started worrying on the way to work that Mike wasn't taking these photos the way I meant - but felt more guilt for being out of town and sad for missing things. Luckily he felt exactly the way I meant them to be received, happy to get updates on Dog and it puts a smile on his face. Score! I'm glad he likes the pics, b.c I sure do like taking them and sharing them with him. I'll have to keep them coming. And for some reason, I think Milly will never let me lack for things to share. Even if it's only a daily "What inappropriate item did Dog chew today?" email (PS yesterday's not-intentional-chew-toy was an empty roll of painting tape).