Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28

Lots of nothing today but sleeping and hanging out!

October 27

Halloween fun! Some gals came over and we had pizza before going out. I love Halloween, and this year I was a doctor so I got to run around in scrubs and crocs all night long. No heels for me, which made me super happy.
Jaci, Amy, Me, and Beth
Vainisi the Indian poses with her friend the turkey
Emily was tackling people all night long! It was hilarious!

October 26

Tonight I went to happy hour with some PwC peeps and took this picture on the walk to happy hour.

October 25

Tonight I had dinner with my little sis (through the mentoring program that I do) Gracie, and her mom Lisa. No pics!

October 24

Tonight I walked over to Macy's to pick up my new jeans (they were getting hemmed!) and took a pic of Daly plaza with the haunted village/Halloween festival going on.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Professional wedding pics!

We got our pics back today! Holy cow I love them ALL but here is my favorite:Here is the link to see the rest:

October 23

Tonight I realized that the train I take goes right past this huge chocolate factory downtown. The pic isn't the greatest. It's very common to walk around downtown and smell rich chocolate and brownies.... something I relate so much to Chicago.

October 22

Can a sista get a laptop or three in here or what?

October 21

Sunday we dropped by the sorority for an alumni brunch and a few photo ops.

October 20

Some pics from beautiful Bloomington, Indiana

October 19

Tonight we headed back to Bloomington and ended the night with Pizza Express. So good.

October 18

Tonight I busted out my awesome new mixer and made some lava cakes.

And Beth came over to watch The Office!

October 17

Today Beyonce potato joined IT potato on my desk.

October 16

Check out that purpley-grey bedroom! Next up.... furniture....

Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15

Tonight I finished edging our bedroom (pics for another day!) and carved my pumpkin into a Curious George face. I love it!!!

October 14

A really awful picture of the new wall sconce Mike put in to replace the "spaceship-looking one we had before. Man, it was completely awful-looking. This one is much better!

October 13

Tonight Mike and I had a date night in, and picked up some takeout Italian and this stuff for dessert.

MOLTEN. Chocolate. Cake. So good! And takes like two minutes to prepare in the microwave.

October 12

Tonight we had Tracy and Tojy over for dinner, but you'll just have to take my word for it, because I forgot to take a picture.

This is what I made:
Balsamic BBQ Chicken
Red Wine Risotto with Peas

And Tracy and Tojy brought baklava for dessert. Yum!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 11

Tonight we went to a happy hour for my director who is leaving the company. I tried to take a pic of the group, but my camera died! Darn battery can take like 20 pics before it dies! gah.... time for a new one.

October 10

Tonight I continued my cleaning regimen, and took some pics of clothes that I wanted to remember or had an emotional connection to even though I NEVER wear them anymore and should get rid of them. So I take a picture, and then they get donated. This tank top, I wore on my last day of college my freshman year. I remember what an emotional day that was, and I feel connected to this shirt. Isn't that weird. I get so emotionally attached..... but it's so dumb to keep this $7 tank top for the rest of my life!

October 9

A pic of the back of the Lyric Opera building on my walk to work.

October 8

Checking out digital cameras at Best Buy after work...

October 7

Jay and Kim - chilling on the couch!

October 6

Today we woke up at 5:30 and left at 6:30 to go the Purdue-OSU game. We are serious about the football!!

Mike and the ATO boys
Chad, arguing a very important point (as per usual)
Me and Emily at the game (Oy, it was hot that day)
Interesting Bus Route name
Grrrr!!! What an awful game (for Purdue!)

October 5

This weekend Chad came into town to go to the Purdue-OSU game. Jay was in town to attend a fraternity brother's engagement party, so we also had Carl over for dinner and made it a little dinner party! Yay, got to use our new china and our new dining room table with the extension leaf out. Don't so much have a dining room, we just shove the couch to the side and eat in the middle of the living room! But it works great.

Yay! I love it when Jay is in town!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

October 4

New haircut. I LOVE IT SO MUCH that I have a minor (OK major) girl-crush on the girl who cut it!

October 3

Today Jay's girlfriend Kim came up for an interview and she is staying with us! Jay is coming up Friday, but until then we're having fun hosting Kimmy by ourselves!

October 2

The boy shampoos the carpet in the guest room. Again, I am pretty sure that the guy who used to live here never cleaned! The carpet was gray where you walk on it the most!!

October 1

I color-coded my bookshelves... how cool does that look?