Wednesday, June 22, 2011

State of the Apes

So many updates are all about Emmett, solely because that is my life these days. I love Sir Cheeks, but he is a time-consuming little man. Babies! They cry for a bottle and then barf it all over you! This is my life. Feed the bean, wipe spit-up off of him and me.... lather, rinse, repeat.

Here is my day:
6:00 - Up for the first time, if I'm lucky. Lately Sir has been waking himself up with coughing fits, and then crying for a bottle. Makes sense, what do I want after a coughing fit? Some liquids to ease my sore throat! Today was 5:15AM. I retire to the couch while I feed the bean. If it's after 4 we catch more z's on the couch. Before 4 I try to return him to his crib and crawl back into my own bed.
6:30 - Get myself and Sir ready
8:00 - Out the door. Drop bean at daycare, head to work.
8:45-5:20 - At work
5:15 or 5:25 train
5:30-5:40 - Pick up Sir from daycare, drive home while he screams in the back seat. How a content baby goes from being happy at daycare to wanting a bottle ASAP in the car I have no idea. It's obviously the evil car seat that bites him.
6:00 - Bottle Sir
6:30 - Feed myself
7:00 - Make bottles for daycare, do errands/chores like laundry or picking up the condo that constantly looks like a tornado hit it.
7:30 - Start Sir's bedtime routine. One person bathes and lotions the bean while the other cleans his helmet and preps a bottle. Then we play chicken to figure out who will bottle the little man. Each of us offers and then someone gives in and says "OK, you can do it." Haha.
8:00-8:30 - Sir drops off to sleep
8:30-9:30 - I get ready for bed, do other things I need to around the house, and get to sleep around 10.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

A couple weekends ago, I headed to my friend Tracy's to see her and her week-old twin boys! I was so excited to see them and oh my goodness they were so tiny! Just wee little men! One was about 5 lbs and the other was closer to 6. It blew my mind that at one point, Emmett was that small. My how things change. Sir turns six months old next week and is between 16 and 17 lbs! Carrying him is becoming quite the workout. And he's even bigger now after a growth spurt last weekend. Thank god that the spurt came on a weekend so that we weren't dying - he was up every two hours for a bottle. Geez. But the growing earned him one less week in his helmet! So that is positive :) The hope is that he will be done in two weeks!
DSC_6037 by agstratt

Monday, June 20, 2011

Today is one of those days...

DSC_5917 by agstratt
DSC_5917, a photo by agstratt on Flickr.

... that I just wish I could be a stay at home Mom.

I think I'd be a pretty crappy one though, truth be told.

The bean has a cough and so do I. I know my throat hurts and I can have hot tea, medicine, and cough drops. The bean just has to suffer. That thought makes me want to go steal him from daycare and cuddle him on the couch!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 months old!!

DSC_5810 by agstratt

I can hardly believe that our little man is 5 months old already! I think I will say that every month as he gets older.

At five months, Emmett:
  • Can easily roll to his side from either the belly or back, and has completed the full rollover a few times
  • Likes to sit in his bumbo, finally. He used to hate the thing but now it gives him a new vantage point with little effort, so it's on the 'like' list
  • Scootches around on his playmat.... gone are the days where he stays in the place where you put him. He can scootch around in circles or off the mat altogether. He generally does this via flapping his legs around and rolling from side to side
  • Is getting really good at playing with/grabbing toys and can maneuver some of them to his mouth
  • Throws arm around you when you pick him up and hold him. It's such a simple thing, but so cute.
  • Loves to baby talk and hear his own voice. Loves to yell AHHH AHHH AHHHHH
  • He is still all smiles on changing table
  • Swings legs out when you pick him up - they don't just hang limply down when you grab him!
  • Is a charmer and loves to smile and make new friends
  • Has had his first couple of colds - the first one was Memorial Day weekend where he cried constantly and didn't want to be put down. He has another cold now that makes him stuffy and makes his eyes gunky, but his sweet and smiley personality is still there! Thank goodness. Both colds have him waking up for an additional bottle in the middle of the night, which we could do without.
  • Attended his first Cubs game on Memorial Day weekend!
I have to admit, when the doctor recommended the helmet, I cried a little bit. But now I'm glad that we worked swiftly to get the bean's noggin fixed. I was worried people would be weird about the helmet but pretty much everyone is super nice about it. It helps that Emmett is super cute with (or without!) it! :)

Sir swimming!

DSC_5900 by agstratt
DSC_5900, a photo by agstratt on Flickr.

Emmett went swimming for the first time this weekend! He wasn't a big fan when we first got in but once he got situated in his little floaty he was all smiles.

This thing has legholes below where he is sitting and he's supposed to sit up in it. But he was just too little. This will work for now!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Happy Sir likes his Bumbo

  by agstratt
, a photo by agstratt on Flickr.

Emmett used to hate the bumbo with a white-hot fiery passion. Now that he can hold his head up much better, it's more fun!

And check our Sir's helmet. He has a wonky spot in the back where it's a bit pointy. 6 weeks and some moolah later and Sir will have a perfectly round head again. Oh, babies!