Monday, July 30, 2007

July 29

So tonight I took a pic on my phone of Mike, right after he won a game of bags. It was so funny, he had the most triumphant look on his face. Too bad my phone didn't quite save it properly!

July 28

Gifts that keep on giving.... not only are people sending us stuff for the wedding, but they are sending them in PERFECT moving boxes. We started saving boxes already for the move, since we dropped a pretty little penny on boxes at the U-Haul store the last time we moved. However, the last time we had to pack everything up in a U-Haul and let it sit overnight, so literally everything we had needed to be in a box. It was such a pain!

Friday, July 27, 2007

July 27

Today I finished reading the last Harry Potter book. I have to say, it was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

July 26

A long long time ago, in a kingdom far away ,there was a group of actuaries who formed a club of legendary proportions, called the Alphabet Club. These actuaries visited a different bar each Thursday- the bars were determined using the alphabet, visiting a bar with the title beginning with each letter in the alphabet, in alphabetical order. The bar pictured below is Friar Tuck's, and was the bar chosen as the "F" bar, not to be confused with Fubar (as an aside, if you ever meet Fubar, have him explain to you the FGS: the Fubar Grading System of the women-folk. It is truly exceptional.) Friar Tuck's is a beloved place - with a capacity of 90 people, an exterier that resembles a wooden keg barrel, Thursday night karaoke, and many many actuaries one chosen night of each summer. Last night was the scene of such an evening.

Friar Tuck's is also in possession of a blow-up sheep, out of whose - ahem-nether regions, you take a shot out of it is your birthday. Brian's birthday was coming up, so he was the chosen one. It's just not a birthday without shots from a blow-up sheep.

Happy 5th Annual Actuaries at Friar Tuck's Day!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 25

I have never had so much trouble with a picture in my whole life. I can't get the darn thing to turn right way up. Maybe it's a sign, a sign from "Gawd" as the Blues Brothers say. At any rate, this is a pic of the fantabulous Tribune Tower, which holds a special place in my heart. ;c)
Speaking of the Blues Brothers, one of my favorite stories about my brother, Jay, is from when he first visited me in Chicago. I had recently gotten a traffic ticket (wrong way on a one-way street tickets are just EVIL!), and needed to go downtown to pay it. As we emerged from the El, Jay stopped and was like "I have been here before." He mused over it for a minute before realizing that we were in Daley Plaza, and that's where the Blues Brothers pull up and their car just falls apart into a million little pieces. I guess that cracked me up, because it made me realize how much we had seen the Blues Brothers growing up. Everytime I see that movie I think of Dad putting on the soundtrack record (on vinyl!) and playing "Shake Your Tailfeather" and us three kids and Dad dancing around, shaking our tailfeathers. Fun times!

July 24

The first use of the awesome little ice crem dishes Emmy gave me at the shower this weekend - sugar-free chocolate pudding! The rest of the wedding gifts are piled up in the corner b.c I feel somewhat sacrilegious using any of the gifts before we are married, but I couldn't help making an exception for these cute dishes ;c)

July 23

A view of the Wrigley building from the bus stop! I love Chicago in the summer, it's all so beautiful.

Monday, July 23, 2007

July 22

Today Katie, Mom, and I caught brunch at Le Peep before we headed our separate ways. This was a cool frame/art piece at a store next door to the restaurant. It's a Winnie the Pooh quote! I loved it, it was so cute. And you could put your own picture in the middle there.

July 21

Today was my shower and Mom's birthday. Here are some pics!

Katie and I get in for a photo op

Mom's Birthday Cheesecake... Jay told the waiter she was 21!

The birthday girl!

July 20

See Katie's fridge FULL of good bridal shower food? Emily and Katie are awesome bridesmaids! The second shelf is the awesome cake that Emily ordered.

July 19

Tonight we had the BEST frozen pizza ever. Digiorno 4 cheese on wheat!

July 18

Today we did the inspection at the condo... I spent the two hours thinking of all the things I could put in drawers and cabinets!

July 17

Me = not so good at taking pictures lately. It has been a busy few weeks, but I have gotten a TON of wedding stuff done!

July 16

Check it out, I got my teefs whitened!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

July 15

Today the only pics I took were ones of Mike for his new diet plan. He told me I can't post them though, because he looks fat ;c)

July 14

Today was alot of laying around, even though all we did on Friday night was catch the new Harry Potter flick. Beth and I headed to Witt's around 6 for din-din and some happy hour. Then we headed to her friend's house. This is Beth's friend Katie's dog, Hoosier. So cute! I wish I could have a dog named Hoosier one day, but alas, I am marrying a Purdue boy. Perhaps we could get two and name one dog Hoosier and one dog Boilermaker? Then Mike would be upset if they actually got along. :c)

July 13

Today we built bookshelves with some kids from the Horizons for Youth program. It was so much fun to hang out with the kids all day, but HOLY COW super tiring. I just don't have the energy that those little ones have. I got this great shot of Old St. Pat's while we were over there.

July 12

Today a friend from work and I went to lunch and then hung out in Millenium Park, listening to some orchestra play. It was so nice. AND a completely gorgeous day!

July 10 & July 11

Yeah I totally forgot to take pics!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 9

Today we went and looked at a ton of condos. Here is our real estate guy, Roy, and Mike checking out a place on Lakewood.

July 8

Today was Tracy's wedding! It was so fun and she was so beautiful :c) This is a pic of all the girls at the wedding.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

July 7

Leaving the lake today... so sad.

The lake has been in the family since WAY before I was even born. The place feels like home to me, and I love being there.
July 6

Today we went out on Grandpa's new boat. This is a pic of my sis, Katie, and brother, Jay, out of the boat at the sandbar. When we got home we went to Legg's Inn and had Leini's Summer Shandy drafts and Pierogis and schnitzel. Holy cow, what a good meal.
July 5

Today at the lake an otter camped out in the back of the cottage and if you even looked at him, he would just cry. It sounded like a baby crying, it was crazy. Poor little guy, I felt bad for him. But eventually he scooted back out the lakefront to have some sun and a nappy on the beach.

July 4

For the Fourth of July, we headed into Mackinaw to see the fireworks. This is Mike and I at the traditional Stratton Family 4th of July pizza dinner at Mama Mia's. Their pizza is grrrreeeeeat.
July 3

Today, we drove from Cedar Point to Fort Wayne, had lunch with my grandparents, and picked up Katie to head to northern Michigan. This is a pic of me with my Grandma. I love my grandparents!

July 2

Between the lake weekend and heading up to Northern Michigan, Mike and I made a detour to Cedar Point. This is a pic of the Top Thrill Dragster. It shoots you out toward that hill at 120 mph (accelerates to that in only 4 seconds!), and the hill is 420 feet high. It's the world's fastest and tallest coaster. It was SO good, I was shaking afterwards.
July 1

On Sunday, we hung around the lakehouse for the better part of the day, hitting up the Frosty Boy for ice cream.

Caves, Hood, and Erin show us what kind of ice cream they got - Superman!
June 30

Today we drove to Amy & Tom Duff's in Coldwater, Michigan. Tom's parents were very generous and loaned us their awesome lakehouse for the weekend! We spent the majority of the day playing bags and having fun outside.

This is a pic of Kibble, after I put a fake tattoo on him (purchased from a vending machine in the bathroom). He made this face and said "I AM getting a tattoo, after all" to explain his face. Cracked me up.

June 29

Today Beth and I went to the Cubs game with some of her friends and a coworker from the Indy office and his family. Such a fun way to spend a summer afternoon.