Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 28

Today I went for my second dress fitting. I was going to post some pics of the condos that Mike looked at this afternoon (because HELLO I cannot post pics of me in my wedding dress! TheBoy reads this!) but he didn't have time to snag the camera.

I did, however, get a great shot of the sunset as I was doing some laundry.

June 27

More meatloaf (and my mess of a kitchen....)

June 26

Today I got a spray tan... in a booth like Ross on Friends. I look normal in this pic, but the next day my hands and feet turned a bright orange! It was soooo embarassing!

June 25

Tonight I made my own chicken pad thai.... I have to say, it was pretty good. I made it from a box called "Ethnic Gourmet" that I have used before. However, this time instead of making just the noodles I did the whole shebang: egg, chicken, sprouts, chili sauce... and it was MUCH better that way.

Monday, June 25, 2007

June 24

Today I headed to the 'burbs for a wedding of one of the managers at work. It was so much fun!
Me and my date, Beth

The bride and groom, being lifted on chairs

June 22 and 23

On Friday, my group went to Arlington Heights racetrack for a big meeting and fun with the races afterwards. This is Beth and I, in our big derby hats. We couldn't stand too close together because of the hats!!

On Saturday, Emily and I went to Sephora to have fun with makeup. We got this awesome makeup artist, and she helped out so much with cool colors and ideas. It was so fun, but I bought a little too much makeup. Well, it's not too much if you USE it all, right??

June 21

Today there was supposed to be a big protest for Michael Moore's new documentary "Sicko".... doesn't look like there's too much activity in Millenium Park, though.

June 20

Here is the new scarf I have been working on. I decided that I wouldn't be motivated to knit if I didn't really like the yarn. That last set of stuff was kinda cheap! So I got some cool Patons Rumor yarn, which is alpaca yarn, in a dark dark pink with browns/greys mixed in. It will be so nice when it's all done. It's a really wide scarf, which is how I like them. ;c)

June 19

A view of the Trump Tower walking back from Northwestern.

My allergist did a skin test on me to see what I'm allergic to, and guess what? I'm not allergic to freaking anything. So all that allergy medication since high school - big waste of money. She thinks I just have a really hypersensitive nose and sinus system.... which, I don't know. Who knows... I'm sure she's not all wrong. I guess that I can be sensitive to certain things but not allergic. I do know one thing - since I went off the allergy meds, my eyes are all watery. Not like allergy-watery. But they have tears in them. I've almost forgotten that eyeballs are supposed to be wet, because mine hadn't been in a really long time.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 18

Very productive evening.... what stinks about being busy busy busy every weekend is that you have to do all your errands at night after work! boooo on being a grownup.
Bills paid!

Laundry done!
Gym bag packed!

More pics from Friday night

Me, with Mike's friend Carl

Me with Rogus
The look on my face cracks me up, I am all "What is this guy doing?" And holy white girl, batman, I am soooo NOT-Tan!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 17

Today we headed to Northern Indiana to attend an open house for Mike's grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. What a great accomplishment! It was such a fun day seeing family.
Mike puts his cousin, Madison, in a headlock

After the party, we all had chili dogs and cake and ice cream to celebrate Dade's 4th birthday. It was good to see the boys and we got in a huge water gun fight, it was so fun.

Dade prepares to blow out his candles

June 16

Today we went to the Cubs game and there was a big fight! Here is a pic of the commotion.

June 15

Tonight we hit up Witt's for a few drinks with friends. This is our friend Tim. Great shirt, huh?

June 14

Today I had my first fitting for my wedding dress. I am pretty excited to wear the dress, I have to admit. It is so beautiful!

June 13

Bear Grylls on the Today Show. New season of Man vs. Wild is starting this week, so exciting!

June 12

This week, I taught an intern training for work. This was my class. I had so much fun teaching them!

June 11

I was concerned with having healthy food options at training this week, so I brought all kinds of snacks... here is my stash!

June 10

Today we drove to Indy and had dinner with both my parents and Mike's parents. It was fun, and it was nice to have everyone together. When we got back, we grabbed some Jimmy John's for dinner, where I saw this sign:


Monday, June 11, 2007

June 9

Today we headed back to Logansport for Mike's ten year high school reunion. He graduated with 67 people, and I think about 35-ish people showed. It was a fun time.
Then we went home and played with the boys' balloon animals. It's so fun to see the nephews, and it's nice that they definitely know who we are when we come home now. They see the Corolla and yell "Uttle Mital! Apo!" So cute.

June 8

Tonight Mike and I, Dora, Rogus, and Chad went to go see the movie "Knocked Up" downtown. I made popcorn in my new Cuisinart popcorn popper and snuck in contraband (healthier!) popcorn. Yum.

June 7

This is a pic of our front door. Tonight, it was so windy that the seal in the door must of broken and it makes this loud wheezing sound. I seriously thought someone was in our apartment, it was so loud and odd. So I'm creeping around the apartment being all sneaky, and go to the door to go outside and it starts making the noise again. At least I figured out what it was without evacuating first and calling Mike to freak out...

June 6

Tonight we went to Lindsey and Tracy's place for dinner. It was so good, Linds made this awesome rice, shrimp, and snowpeas dish and blitz for dessert. It was all super-healthy stuff too!

This is Tracy, showing off her bun-wrap for the wedding. But she didn't want a pic of it taken so she covered it up. Funny!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another riveting conversation with my otolarynologist

Doc: So, are you feeling better?
Me: Um, I didn't feel the acid reflux to begin with.
Doc: But do you notice any difference?
Me: A little, I guess. I mean, I can tell when I forget to take it and I eat something bad.
Doc: Something bad?
Me: Yeah, mostly alchohol and pizza.
Doc: Didn't I give you the instruction sheet? You're not supposed to have alchohol, pizza, chocolate.... (he keeps blathering on this long list of things I love)
Me: Silent. Wondering if life is really worth living without pizza or chocolate.
Doc: So I'll have to give you that instruction sheet (as an aside, he forgot to give it to me AGAIN)
Me: OK
Doc: And maybe I'll switch your medication, too. So for this new medication, you have to take it approximately 30-60 minutes before a big meal.
Me: How big is "big"? I am trying not to eat big meals.
Doc: Well that's not healthy. You HAVE to eat big meals.
Me: Are you kidding? Everything I read says it is better to eat alot of smaller meals throughout the day.
Doc: Like what?
Me: I don't know, SELFL magazine, Women's Health, the Internets.
Doc: Oh, see, that's where you are going wrong.
Me: What?
Doc: You need to eat more than a CRACKER for a meal though.
Me: Seriously, I eat WAY more than a cracker (runs him through the meals..)
Doc: OK, well that is totally fine. You could have some salad and some fish.
Me: thinking that a salad and fish is not a "big" meal but whatever

June 4

Emmy couldn't make Chad's going-away party on Saturday, so she made us dinner as a goodbye instead.... which I have to say was really really good. Kabobs and strawberry shortcake, Yum-O.

June 3

Today Mike and I went to the Cubs game with Chad, Rogus, and his friend Andrea. It was fun, but I was so tired that I was ready to fall asleep, even though it was a good game!

June 2

Today I picked up Alison from the train, we hit some veggie shopping at Stanley's, and then went to the Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival where Mike & Joe was playing. It was so fun!
Then we headed to Chad's going-away party, at Duffy's. This is a pic of Chad at his party, with Otter being "that guy" in the background. I see London, I see France, I see Otter's tonsils!

June 1

Tonight we had a wine-tasting at work that Beth and I organized. Let's just say it was alot more work than I thought it would be! Check out the spread, we got stuff at Whole Foods and set it all up to save a bit of dough. Nice, huh?

Friday, June 01, 2007

May 31

New phone! Pink RAZR died this week: everytime I tried to send a text message, it froze up. And I love me some text messaging, so I couldn't be having that. I got this phone when my contract was up last year, so luckily I didn't have to go out and spring for a new phone. But I was trying not to use it so that I could sell it on eBay when this contract year was up! Oh well. I like this one, even if it's not pink because it slightly lighter, has better features, and has predictive text (AWESOME. I have been wanting that forever!). So sad, though, no more pinky.