Monday, March 21, 2011

2 months old!

DSC_5138, originally uploaded by agstratt.

This is my current favorite pic of the babe... I keep wondering if his eyes will stay blue but only time will tell.

Major good news - he got into daycare. What a huge sigh of relief. I have never been so happy to hand over every cent of my disposable income. Ahhh, the life of parenthood!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Emmett gets dedicated

DSC_5041, originally uploaded by agstratt.

Here is a shot of Emmett getting dedicated. Our little man has the Stratton performing gene because he was actually awake for the entire thing. His Grandpa loved introducing him to the church!

He also looked super cute in his tiny white collar shirt and blue plaid pants.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Eating my way through Evansville

This weekend we headed home to Evansville, IN and my number one priority (other than spending time with family) was to eat my face off. I have been making up for lost calories and consuming mass quantities of food now that I am no longer pregnant and don't want to throw up every five minutes.

Without any further ado... here is my Evansville food diary!

On the way down to Eville I suddenly get hungry. The next McDonald's is in half an hour, but this hunger is dire. We stop at a gas station to get Combos, cheetos, and some chocolate Donnettes. I snarf the donuts and some cheetos and combos. Half an hour later we stop for McDonald's and I take down a crispy classic chicken sandwich with fries.

We arrive at the parents' house at 4:30. Dinner is at my favorite mexican restaurant, Los Bravos, at 7:30. I am starving already and eat a granola bar, a bowl of grapes, and a big glass of milk. I warn my mom that I may eat her out of house and home.

Dinner at Los Bravos is everything I hope for and more. I immediately order the cheesy bean dip since I can't have too much salsa (don't want to eat too spicy and piss little man off!) and a virgin strawberry daiquiri. I work on the dip and tortilla chips until our meals show up approximately five minutes after we put in the order. I eat 3/4 of the two enchiladas on my plate and the better part of my rice. I take home the rest of the enchiladas and the chicken taco that came on the side of my plate. Before leaving I smear the rest of the bean dip onto the chicken taco. Hubs laughs at me and asks who I am right now.

On the way home we see that the "Hot and Fresh NOW" sign is on at Krispy Kreme. I insist we stop and get a half dozen donuts. To be fair, I only ate one. Also, Milly had a half of one. She loves Krispy Kreme!

My mom makes a pineapple coffee cake for breakfast and I have a big piece of that and a glass of milk. Then, before heading out I eat the taco from Los Bravos the night before. The shell got mushy but it still tastes amazing!

On the way to visit with some friends we stop by Pizza King for stromboli and chips that are only sold around Evansville - Grippos. The grippos are thick with barbeque seasoning and they are OH so good. I eat half of my stromboli and save the other half for later. After visiting with the friends, we stop back by Pizza King to get a stromboli for my brother. While waiting for Jay's stromboli we spin through the drive through of a local ice cream shop, Lic's. I get a one scoop cappuccino cone and eat it while we wait. Once we get back to the house (around 3) I take down the other half of my stromboli.

Dinner is at 6 at Rafferty's, which is a chain restaurant with classic Americana food. There is not a Rafferty's in Chicago, I think the chain is mostly in the south. There I order a cup of baked potato soup and the chicken finger salad. Lest you think that the salad is healthy, just know that it's topped with fried chicken fingers and the dressing is a combination of honey mustard and HOT BACON GREASE. And lo, it is good.

After dinner my brother and his fiance hit up Coldstone. I request a small berry ice cream.

My dad hit up Cracker barrel at the break of dawn and brought back a massive blueberry muffin. I eat part of that before our family breakfast at 9AM. At breakfast I eat a biscuit and a large serving of breakfast casserole.

For lunch, we order Kipplee's. Hot ham and cheese, pizza, and dough dogs (tiny hot dogs with dough wrapped around them). I eat a little bit of all of that, and graze on some hot ham and cheese in the afternoon. My sister heads to Lic's with a friend and she asks if I want anything. I request another one scoop cappuccino cone.

Dinner is rolls, green beans, and my mom's lasagna. I eat two servings of lasagna before falling asleep on a chair in the living room with the baby on my chest. It's pretty much how I roll these days - eating and sleeping with the baby cuddled up on me!

I grab a Cliff Bar on the way to church at 8:45. After church I wolf down more hot ham and cheese at home while we pack up. Then we stop at Sonic on the way out of town where I get a cheeseburger, tater tots, and a large cherry limeade.

Man, I love eating in Evansville! I think I am definitely making up for lost time with the eating!