Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 30

Today I ironed the new duvet and Mike hung the pics over the bed in the guest room. It's shaping up!

September 29

Tonight we went to Jeff & Jill's wedding. It was so much fun and it was so nice to go to a wedding in downtown Chicago.

You know the boy has had a few cocktails when the tie gets tied around the noggin instead of the neck. hahaha!

September 28

Spa Olympics were tonight! I even got out my charger for my point-and-shoot but forgot to take it with me. Hopefully I can get some of the pics that Jamie took and post those, but I don't have them yet. The whole thing was so much fun, I love my old coworkers!

September 27

Today I went home and went to bed!! I had SUCH a bad cold it was ridiculous......

September 26

Tonight Dora came over for dinner. I meant to take a picture of her, but forgot! So here is a really old one of her & I with Jerry Springer!

September 25

Leaving the keys and paperwork at the old place. Bye bye old place!!

September 24

Our yellow guestroom and the boy trying to fix our internets. I love the color of this room - it used to be a bright blue with a grid pattern on it (gah, what was with this guy and the random designs?!?! There is a racing stripe down the wall in the upstairs hallway!). This color is this really great creamy yellow, almost a cream color but a little yellow. It's called "Popcorn white" and I love it!

September 23

Today we went over to the old place and got the rest of our stuff and cleaned. We also took about 500 pictures of everything in the place, so we could rebut if they tried to take any of our security deposit!

September 22

A pic of the fireplace that I painted a brown to match the kitchen. And Mike hung our Knowles picture that Biggs gave us for the wedding.

And Mike's Mom and Paul came up to help us with condo stuff. I had a huge honey-do list for Mike and Paul!

September 21

Tonight I painted Mike's office. He picked out the color - a bright orangish red.

September 20

My Dad stayed with us tonight! He came up to do a funeral in Kenosha, and we had dinner with him and his friend Jim at Jim's country club. It was SO GOOD, and great to see my Pops.

September 19

Tonight I painted the kitchen between the lower and upper cabinets. Old dude had painted diamonds with different colors of tan. Yuck.

September 18

Today Mike and I went to Target to pick up some pictures I had ordered to put in these frames. It's nice having my photography decorate our new home.

September 17

Tonight my friend Amy came over to see the condo and had dinner with me. She brought a broom, and told me that it's an Irish tradition to give a broom to new homeowners with which to "sweep away" the memories of the old owner.

September 16

The first meal I cooked at the new condo! I am in love with this kitchen.

September 15

Holy cow the moving today. Nothing you want to see!

September 14

Today we closed on the condo and went over there to clean the living room and kitchen. Ai yi yi.... I am absolutely certain that the tops of these cabinets were NEVER cleaned.... it took me two hours to clean the tops of them.

September 13

Again with the picture-forgetting.... I am so bad.

September 12

Some coworkers of mine have some Mr. PotatoHeads around the cubes for decoration. This is IT potato, with his laptop. Funny stuff....

September 11

Today was my second day of work at my new job, and I had to take a pic of myself wearing jeans to work! No dress code at the new place, very cool ;c)

September 10

No pics today, closing on Friday!

September 9

Mike and Carl say it is really hot when a girl wears a sports jersey. Please excuse the double chin! My jersey is Hester.. word on the street is that he is a TOTAL STUD. I'll be cheering him on, since I own his jersey and all.... :c)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Connectivity issues...

Still working through getting internet access at the new condo. I have pictures and will try and upload them this weekend!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

September 8

Today I got up and went to the zoo with Gracie, her dad, and her big sister. It was so much fun! The guy at the bee exhibit in the farm area was hilarious... he was all "BEE-HOLD! Come see what all the buzz is about!" and spouting tons of bee facts ;c)

Later that night we met up with my friend Melissa for her birthday party. Happy Birthday Melissa!

September 7

Today was my last day of work at PwC, so I took a pic of my ID badge. Look at that picture I took on my first day, almost five years ago! It's been a great run. I am going to miss my coworkers.

September 6

Special place in my heart!

September 5

Tonight I went over to Emily's to watch the Justin Timberlake special on HBO. LOVE JT LOVE LOVE

September 4

No picture today...

September 3

Today I went to an awful, awful Cubs game. That's all there is to say about that!

September 2

Today we hit up a house party at the Boys' house. Afterward we went to Hoghead McDunna's for only a few minutes, but those minutes had plenty of good pictures.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

September 1

Mike tries a new trick. He heard that a friend can open a beer bottle with his wedding ring and is determined to learn this very important skill. Doesn't quite have it yet though!

Then Mike, Carl, and I started the evening off at Trinity to watch the Purdue game
Carl and Mike
Sporting my cool Purdue camo trucker hat

August 31

Today I went to the Social Security office to try and change my last name. What a pain, I was there for two and a half hours! Guys should have to change their last name.... girls already have to do the heavy lifting, like having babies and such.

August 30

Tonight I was cleaning the house and taking pictures of things that I wanted to remember but didn't want just laying around the house. This was the pic I took of my ribbon bouquet from the shower, that I used at the rehearsal dinner.

August 29

Tonight in the mail we got the flash that we purchased at with wedding gift certificates. It is an understatement to say that I am in love with it - it will most definitely change the way I take pictures in side.

With the new flash, I took a pic of one of the most creative wedding gifts we got... my sorority mom got us this really cool frame with our last name in the photos.....pretty cool, huh? I thought it was a really cool and really thoughtful wedding gift!! We are planning on hanging it over our fireplace, too.

August 28

More progress on the trump tower!