Friday, July 27, 2007

July 26

A long long time ago, in a kingdom far away ,there was a group of actuaries who formed a club of legendary proportions, called the Alphabet Club. These actuaries visited a different bar each Thursday- the bars were determined using the alphabet, visiting a bar with the title beginning with each letter in the alphabet, in alphabetical order. The bar pictured below is Friar Tuck's, and was the bar chosen as the "F" bar, not to be confused with Fubar (as an aside, if you ever meet Fubar, have him explain to you the FGS: the Fubar Grading System of the women-folk. It is truly exceptional.) Friar Tuck's is a beloved place - with a capacity of 90 people, an exterier that resembles a wooden keg barrel, Thursday night karaoke, and many many actuaries one chosen night of each summer. Last night was the scene of such an evening.

Friar Tuck's is also in possession of a blow-up sheep, out of whose - ahem-nether regions, you take a shot out of it is your birthday. Brian's birthday was coming up, so he was the chosen one. It's just not a birthday without shots from a blow-up sheep.

Happy 5th Annual Actuaries at Friar Tuck's Day!!