Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bullet-y love

  • I feel like this week is going to FLY by! My group at work is doing a Cubs rooftop on Thursday afternoon and Friday I am off b.c our flight leaves Friday afternoon. EEK! We have been dreaming, planning, saving for this vacation for what seems like a lifetime and I am so excited that it's actually here.
  • A friend is getting married in December and I found flights and 2 nights hotel (at an all-inclusive resort. That includes food AND booze people!) for only $425 a person. I am so freaking excited about this you don't even know. A Mexican weekend vacay for only that much? Seems insane, almost like they're paying US to go.
  • I have all my stuff to head to Italy in a pile and just need to put it in a suitcase. I am just telling you right now that I am way impressed with my ability to pack light for this trip. It's amazing. I might actually get all my stuff in my one small suitcase that would be able to not be checked (if not for those goshdarned liquids).
  • I finished painting the den walls and trim last week and it looks so good. Once we get back from Italy and finish the last few tasks I will upload some before and after photos.
  • Mike and I watched Wanted last week. I would not recommend it to anyone. It wasn't even remotely plausible and for such good actors (Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman) it had poor acting.
  • Milly has been ridiculously grabby lately. Her new victims are pens of all sizes and shapes. If you ever think "Where was that pen? I just had it?" at our place, I can guarantee there is a beagle somewhere hiding in a corner chomping on that pen. Just a warning! She has also been crazy at night - totally tore up the bottom of her crate (plastic AND cushion) last weekend. I don't know if she's getting anxious or having night terrors or what... regardless, she was better last night. So at least I didn't fall asleep and wake up to beagle-whining.
  • I am getting REALLY worried about how Milly is going to be for our various Milly-sitters while we're gone. I am saving a big bag of Pig Ears for while we're gone so Jay/Kim/Emily can get a break from the beagle-crazy by tossing one of those at her!


Mich said...

We tried watching Wanted a few weeks ago and turned it off before the end - horrible!!

Have fun in Italy - I cannot wait to see all the pics you take!

Kevin said...

Wanted was GOOD!