Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Reuter Baby Day!

(Pictures blatantly stolen from Michelle's website)

Do you want to hear a secret?

I cried like a little baby at Andy and Michelle's wedding!
I had been to friends' weddings before. Friends from high school who married their high school sweetheart, frriends from college that married their college sweetheart. But Andy and Michelle's wedding was the first couple like us that got married. People who met after college in the city, people that liked to go out and be social and lived downtown. People who met like us and lived like us and were getting married... like us!
Sitting at their wedding in January of 2007 was my major holy-crap-I-am-a-grownup-and-wedding-is-coming moment. I cried like a baby. On the plus side, then I was able to keep it together (mostly) in at our wedding. Which was good, because redoing the makeup at my own wedding would have sucked!
But so anyways, they are having their baby today via c-section because their baby PBR is in breech position. They are such great people, and I am so excited for them! I'm looking forward to seeing how they handle a baby in the city and am glad that once it's our turn I'll have someone to turn to for advice.
Can't wait to visit and see baby PBR on Saturday!!


Mich said...

1. Great pics - was this the wedding that your hubs wound up with his tie around his head?

2. This post totally made me tear up - i like.