Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Almost April....

I keep telling my boss that April starts this week, and it's my favorite month. Since it's MY month that means everyone has to do what I say all month, right? Right?

I got some major accomplishment done on the home front and, boy, I am exhausted.

Painted the hallway that seemed like it would never end: Picked out and purchased tile for our kitchen backsplash. Look! Browns and blues! What do you think?

I was going to make a cover for Milly's crate (like a cushion for the top and one for the bottom as well, so it doesn't scratch the floor and so that she can sit on it during the day while we're gone at work), but I ordered the fabric online and it hasn't gotten to me yet :(

Other than that, I was hella lame. I had dinner with the girls and like one drink on Friday, and then we stayed in on Saturday. I don't know, I just have NOT been in the mood to go out. I think maybe I am just feeling fat and feeling like I'm going to be overscheduled this summer, so I'm hibernating a bit! Plus, who wants to be indoors painting when the weather is gorgeous in Chicago? Not me... I would rather get it out of the way now, during monsoon season!