Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday JayJay!

Jay on Saturday, right after housing an entire cupcake in one bite. He looked like he was going to barf.
Again, a little late. But better late than never. My younger brother, Jay, turned 27 on Sunday. I told him and his girlfriend that turning older myself doesn't make me feel old, but Jay and our sister Katie getting older sure does!

Happy Birthday, "Little" Brother! Here is your Birthday 10 Things I Like About Jay!
  1. Jay makes everything funnier and more fun. He has plenty of jokes/puns/mocking about everything, including his monstrous noggin'.
  2. He is always up for some good competition - whether it be a slap bet or a pushup contest with Mike
  3. We've always been like peas and carrots.
  4. He is such a good uncle to our niece Gracie - he just loves her soooooo much! My favorite Jay Quote is "I love pizza and I love Kim but I LOVE THAT LITTLE BABY!!!!"
  5. Jay can always make me laugh. My mom tells me that, when we were little kids, Jay would do things to make me laugh (bad things like smash cake onto his head, etc) and I would crack up and he would keep doing them until my mom would scream "You! Stop doing that! And you! Stop laughing at him!!"
  6. Jay is always there when you need him. Need a kegerator carried upstairs or fixed? He's there. Need someone to step the party up a notch? He's there then, too.
  7. He thinks of funny shirts like "Screw the kiss, gimme a beer." or "F*ck ya'll, I'm from Indiana" to wear on St Patty's Day
  8. He gives me lots of material. I get about 80% of my funny sayings straight from Jay. I would be a lot less amusing without him.
  9. He's one of those people on earth that I feel 100% comfortable saying whatever it is that comes to mind. No filter required.
  10. So many of my life memories are imprinted with Jay being right beside me. He was (and is) a GREAT partner in crime!

Happy Birthday Jaybird!!


Mich said...

I like the 10 things list you do for folks' bdays - happy birthday to your bro!