Friday, March 27, 2009

Home Improvement

Yesterday and today I have become obsessed with home improvement. Last night I painted our hallway and I would like nothing more than to touch it up early in the AM tomorrow morning before heading off for a day at the Children's museum with my little sib through Horizons.

As I was painting the hallway a dark tan/light brown last night I realized that the color was just close enough to the fireplace color that it was going to look weird once I extended the color through the dining room (we're planning on using the same color in the hall, living room, and den). So this is the idea I had... paint the living room the light brown, find some backsplash tiles for the kitchen (attached to the living room, where I am standing while taking the above picture) that are a bright/light blue and put up backsplash with those tiles in the kitchen (with brown grout). Then match the tiles to some paint and paint the fireplace that same color. I also ordered these Flor tiles (to replace our current green area rug that Milly does so love to gnaw on), as they are mostly brown with touches of blue.

On the way back from Oak Park, and the museum, tomorrow I'm going to check in at a tile place one of Mike's coworkers recommended at Fullerton and Western and hope I can get a deal on some tile for the backsplash. I've never put in tile before and am kind of excited to try it, as when we redo the bathrooms I would really like to do that myself. Plus I need to put tile in the upstairs closet for underneath the washer-dryer in the event that we would get new carpet sometime later this year. So I am getting excited to learn.

Is it incredibly lame of me to get SO. VERY. EXCITED about home improvement? Probably. But on this sunny Friday, noboday can get me down off my home improvement high.

Other than that, my weekend consists of sushi dinner with the gals tonight and (hopefully) grilling and a movie with the boy tomorrow. I gotta tell you, the weekend plan sounds sooooo great to me!

Almost forgot to add: Last night when I started painting, Mike said "So you know how sometimes when you paint a kid's room you let them put a handprint on the wall? I said yes, and he said that maybe we should put a Milly pawprint in the hallway since that is *kind of* her room. Yeah, fat chance, Hubs! hahaha....


Mich said...

1. Love the Flor tiles
2. I am impressed with you ambition and hopefully I will be inspired when I hear how wonderfully your backsplash project goes
3. Hubs is funny...but I do like the kid handprint idea....hmmmmm