Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The list

I'm talking about THE LIST. The Hot Celebrity Freebie List.

We all have our lists, I know. You know, the list where if you met a certain celebrity it's not considered cheating. I've been thinking about that lately because I realized recently that even if I did meet one of these people, I wouldn't even want to cheat. A little lame, but it's a window into how super-duper-very-loyal-to-my-husband I am.

Ah, Marital bliss. It's not always so blissful, but I married my best friend. I suppose it's good that not even the hottest celebrity would make me want to give up what I have even on those days when I want to kick Hubs in the shin. Marriage is freaking HARD WORK sometimes, people!

Regardless, I think it's a fun topic. So here is my (kind of a moot point) list. I guess it could be renamed the "I like to look at these guys" list.

Robert Downey, Jr. - I used to crush on him SO MUCH when he was on Ally McBeal, that was basically the only reason that I watched that show. Then he got written out of the story line b.c he got arrested and put in rehab. I'm pretty pumped about the fact that he's doing well now and looks great in Iron Man. He could lose the facial hair but oh well. Plus, ANY guy is WAY cuter in a suit. Seriously, take ANY guy, put him in suit and you immediately jump 2 points. At least in my book. So as Barney Stinson says, SUIT UP!

Rob Lowe - I love him on Brothers and Sisters. It's probably all the suits he wears? And his eyes are super blue.

Matthew Fox - Any guy who can save lives on a desert island is OK in my book. Plus he's the typical nice-guy. I'm a sucker for nice guys.
Bear Grylls - The guy was in the British Special Ops and does crazy things like kill live snakes with his bare hands. COME ON NOW.

Christian Bale - Suit, pensive look, killing bad guys Batman Style. What's not to like?
Hmmm, that's all I can remember for now. I feel like I see an overall theme of clean-cut, darker-haired nice guys who look good in a suit and can protect a woman. It makes sense that Hubs has all those qualities... maybe that's why I fell for him in the first place!!

Now for the fun part: Who is on your list? C'mon spill!


Mich said...

What a fun little afternoon activity!

My list is random....
1. Darryl Worley - country singer
2. Matthew McConaughy
3. Josh Turner - another country boy
4. John Lynch - former NFL player
5. George Clooney OR that guy that played Samantha's model boyfriend in "Sex and the City"

Mike said...

good to see you girls are working hard today...

Anonymous said...

1. Anderson Cooper - I don't care that he's gay - it's my fantasy, right?
2. Bono - need I say more?
3. Jon Stewart - he's my fake boyfriend and everyone needs a funny guy.
4. Sting - I like the singing men.
5. Tom Brokaw - sure he's old, but there's something about his voice.

Bayjb said...

Oh this is a good one. Great choices here.

Mine are:
-- John Krasinski
-- George Clooney
-- Zachery Levi
-- Brad Pitt

I need to think of the last one