Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random roundup

First of all.... Happy HumpDay. Isn't this hilarious?!

  • St Patty's Day Tshirt - I've decided to go in an entirely different direction than the two shirts I put on this blog for a vote. I am going to make a shirt with iron-letters that says "If I don't tell you later, I had a good time today." This is what I thought our friend Chad said to Mike right before our wedding. Turns out when I was telling this story last week sometime, my brother corrected me and told me the last thing Chad actually said to Mike before the wedding. The pastor came back to get Chad, Ott, and Rogus (as they were ushers and needed to seat people) and before they walked out, Chad turned to Mike and said "If you end up leaving for any reason, make sure and come get me." LOL... so funny. Like, if Mike isn't around Chad can't be left to answer any questions! Sadly, this doesn't look as good on a t-shirt so I'm going to go what I thought were his original last words to Single Mike.
  • So far only the reusable shopping bag has been spoken for in the BOCA giveaway. Tabby, email your address to aprilgayle at gmail dot com and I'll send it to you. Do you have an interest in any of the other stuff? I've got a yoga/exercise mat, two planners, BOCA coupon, and a relaxation CD to also give away! Any takers?

  • Milly gets her stitches out tomorrow and I am so FREAKING excited. She smells bad, yo. At the age of 29 I should know that you can't get stitches wet. And therefore should have known to bathe my dog prior to major doggie surgery, since she gets a bath once every two weeks. And yet, I didn't. Therefore the dog stink is all my fault. I can't wait to have a de-coned, de-stitched, bathed dog tomorrow evening!


Tabatha said...

I guess I could have told you that at walmart they carry a doggie shampoo that doesn't needed rinsed. Shame on me ;-)

MonkeyBusiness said...

That wouldn't have helped me anyway - we don't have Walmarts in the city. They're against city zoning codes and aren't allowed. Isn't that crazy?

Bayjb said...

Aww hope the vet appointment goes well tomorrow! Stinky no more!

Tabatha said...

I'd die without walmart!!! haha

Well at least she will get a good bathing once the stitches are out!!!