Friday, February 06, 2009

Weekend fun

This weekend looks like it will be alot of fun!

Tonight we're celebrating my friend Jaci's bday at
Via Carducci La Sorella. Is it bad that I already have what I want to get picked out? Penne with fresh basil pesto and goat cheese. YUM.

Tomorrow we're attending my brother's girlfriend Kim's bday celebration. Hairbanger's Ball at Joe's!

Sunday I'm hoping to work on the name frame website and get paint to work on painting the trim at our condo. Baby steps toward a better place!


Shari Caudill Vermillion said...

WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO... a voice from your very way past!!!!!-As in Moores Hill Past! This is Shari Caudill (now Vermillion)... Your Daddy called my mommy this week..gave us an update..we need more! Pics of Jeff, Katie...Jay hasn't really changed much, still onery looking as ever-boy, those eyes give him away! Your momma doesn't look like she's changed a bit either. Can't believe you're almost NOT twentysomething anymore..ugh...makes me even older!!!! buzz me back living in Anderson, IN.... have an almost 16 yr old daughter & an almost 12 yr old son. hope to hear from you soon!