Sunday, February 08, 2009


So we're at Kirkwood on Saturday, and there is this big group of guys sitting right behind us. One of the guys has on this tshirt that has a vintage style, and said "Indiana, 1976 champions, 32-0 on it" (I think...)

We kept talking about it, and so finally I pulled a pad of post-it's out of my purse and wrote a note on one that said "Where did you get your tshirt?" and asked his buddy to pass it down to him. I don't know, I though it was kind of funny.

Immediately is buddy responds "He is married!" We were all like "uh, OK. whatever."

The whole table becomes abuzz and they look like they're going through UN negotiations or something. They gather at the far end of the table and discuss animatedly.

Finally the guy comes down and goes "My wife got it for me. I don't know where."

I was cracking up. I mean, if the guy had said "My wife, I have a wife, not available, I have a wife!" it wouldn't have been more obvious that he wasn't available. We were cracking up... it was so funny.

So to Random Dude... get over yourself. We just really actually wanted to know where you got your shirt, we weren't hitting on you.