Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Recap: Boy Birthday edition

Man, another full weekend for me. My name is April and if you haven't met me yet I like to ORGANIZE EVENTS. This means that any day is likely filled with things I just have to do, which bothers the Husband mightily. But this weekend it was all about him, so it was A-OK.

Friday night my company had a happy hour at 3:30 in the cafeteria. Which was sweet, especially because I convinced my boss to convince his boss to go to have pre-drinks for the happy hour around 2:30. Excellent.

After the happy hour(s), we headed to a nearby bar to have a few more cocktails and some grub. We headed there around 5, so that could be called happy hour as well! I like happy hour, so I was pleased. Michelle and Andy met us out, saying something like "Our spontaneous happy hour days are limited! We'd better take advantage!" After we headed home on the train, I ended up baking two cakes and a double patch of peanut butter blossom cookies (my specialty!).

The next day I got up bright and early and took all the fruits of my baking over to Meghan and Brett's house, who were hosting Mike's 3oth birthday party. After we at lunch and watched IU get KILLED by Purdue (I'm sitting at the bar going "Is it over yet? Is it done? Because I am done. This is insane."), we headed over there for the festivities.

Of course it wouldn't be a party without a tongue-in-cheek cake message:

Kidding! I made him another cake too! One that makes fun of neither his age nor pant size! Did a pretty good icing job if I do say so myself! Orange is his favorite color, if you must know.
Because of an epic failure in my cake-baking skillz earlier in the week (let's just say.... don't double the Pioneer Woman's yellow cupcake recipe and try to make it as a cake. It was... dense. The most solid cake ever. More like cornbread sans corn or spongecake sans spongy-ness), I made two cakes. The square one was Duncan Hines butter recipe from a box with the Pioneer Woman from-scratch frosting. The frosting was more liquidy than I thought it would be and didn't look like it would go well onto the round standalone cake. The round cake was a from-scratch yellow cake recipe from Epicurious, with frosting from a can. Mike said he liked the scratch cake better.... don't know if he was just saying that to make me feel better for the HOURS of baking or what, but I'll take it.

I made him pose for a few pictures:

As I took this one he said "Why do I have to pretend I'm taking a bite out of the cake? Why can't I just actually take a bite out of the cake?"

I tried to get some shots of people as the party went on. This is me with Chad. Chad and Mike used to live together; I believe Chad was present for Mike and I's first 4-5 dates. As in, he ACTUALLY WENT ALSO. It's lucky that I like him!
The guys had so much fun playing Madden for Wii, even though they didn't really get through their "tournament." And I had purchased the 2006 Rose Bowl (Texas vs USC National Championship) and the 2007 Tostito Bowl (Boise State vs Sooners), so the guys watched those on the 2nd TV as they played Wii. After those games were over, we turned to ESPN Classic and there was an old IU vs. Purdue game on, complete with the General Robert Montgomery Knight and Gene Keady. It was perfect!!

Overall the party was a super fun time and we didn't break anything of Brett and Meghan's. Double score :)

Sometime during the party my friend Amy showed me the best new iPhone application EVER:

OMG, that is so good for a laugh or ten. It is hilarious.

Sunday I spent doing a lot of fun things like laundry, vacuuming every surface in our house after getting fuh-reaked out by Milly hair ALL OVER and going to church. It was a super productive day, I love when I get all ambitious like that!


Tabatha said...

I had to laugh really hard at the photo of the iphone application.Makes me wonder what other kind of faces there is!!!
Glad you had a good weekend!!!!

Bayjb said...

Glad you had a good weekend! What a great birthday celebration.

Mich said...

Two things...
1. those peanut butter cookies were freakin amazing

2. Mike's fav color is orange? He is my new best friend.