Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weekend recap

So I'm not going to lie. I wasn't looking forward to last weekend. But it ended up being SO MUCH more fun and productive and relaxing than I thought it would be!

Friday we left work just a bit early and I thought I would use that time to wash one of the cars and take a nap before Chad got into town and we went for drinks. I took Milly out for a walk, and cleaned out the Corolla. I tossed Milly into the Corolla for the short ride up the street to the car wash place.... they told me it would only take 20 minutes so I thought... I'll just take Milly home and feed her and then head back and pick up the car. But when I got home with the dog, I realized that I had left my condo keys with the car wash guys and the Corolla. DOH! At that point, I knew the nap wasn't going to happen so I let myself into the garage with the opener remote and then took the Rav over for a car wash. Man, that really confused them. They were like "Wait, what car did you have? The corolla? But that isn't an SUV?" All the while I'm explaining that I have two cars, and would like them BOTH washed I'm trying to make Milly maintain her sitting, which is like trying to tame a wild hog, especially in a new place that sells all kinds of snack foods, with bags of peanuts at snout-level. Oy, the dog, she needs some major work in the obedience area. (as a random aside, our trainer told us that dogs learn contextually, so they learn to sit in place A and place B and once they've learned it in ALOT of places only THEN do they have it down. This makes sense because Milly is OK at Sit at home and at the trainer's place but sucks at it outside or anywhere else. So yeah, it needs to get warm outside so we can practice outside in lots of places!)

I got just a few minutes to close my eyes before needing to go pick up Mike at the train and letting Chad in. Then we all headed off to Durkin's for a lovely evening of $15 all-you-can-drink-and-eat beer and Domino's Pizza. The place is a little collegiate but holy crap what a deal. I think the only way we'll ever stop going there is if they stop offering that deal; I'm more fiscally responsible now than when I was 23! Usually we are definitely the oldest people there, but this time it didn't seem that way. Maybe the recession is forcing people to go to cheaper happy hours? Regardless it was super fun and I was home between 10:30-11 which was awesome. I would so rather not be out super late anymore, I am getting old!

Saturday I had to go to the grocery to get hoagie rolls and a few things I accidentally forgot for the meatballs. Once there I realized that Jewel was having a massive sale on meat. This made my day and I totally stocked up. At first I was going to pass it up but was like "No! Can't! Chicken only $1.50 a pound!" It was awesome. Plus it was the morning so Club Jewel was busy, but not as ridiculous as it normally is, especially on superbowl weekend.

I then spent the rest of the day making meatballs & queso and getting ready for the next day (we hosted a few people for a superbowl party). That night we hit up Fogo de Chao for dinner... YUM. I love that place. Meghan introduced me to this Green Goddess salad dressing that I would have never tried, ever, if she hadn't said how good it was. And I ate my weight in parmesan scraped straight from the inside of a massive wheel of parmegiano reggiano (sp?). I want my own wheel of parm. Would that be too much? I can see it now: Hey, wine and cheese party at my place, just knock off your own piece of parm! haha....

Sunday the guys played football out at Diversey fields and Meghan and I took Milly to watch. Milly was having a grand old time digging big holes in the snow (I can just hear the doggy thoughts "Every hole I dig has GRASS in the bottom! SWEET!") and watching the boys play. I just felt bad b.c I couldn't let her run free.... the field was only divided from Lakeshore Drive by one of those metal guardrails and not an actual fence. I couldn't be sure she wouldn't bolt for the highway, so had to keep her on the flexi-leash. Poor pup!

A little bit later, everyone came over to watch the SuperBowl at our place. We got a new keg in the kegerator and I had the meatballs and queso, and had also made peanut butter blossom cookies (my specialty). Writt and his girlfriend Kelly brought this AWESOME cheesy artichoke dip and this really good guacamole with tortilla chips. Carl and his girlfriend Emily brought tiny bite-size calzone-like meat pocket things that were great. Rogus and Lindsay brought some chips, french onion dip (I could eat that stuff until I am sick), tater tots and waffle fries. Amy brought this awesome garlic-y cilantro shrimp.... other people brought various chips, dips, and cookies. So basically we had a metric ton of junk food. It was soooo good and I think I grazed almost all night. The game was somewhat interesting, the commercials were good and it was a generally calm and fun party. It was fun to have everyone over and I enjoyed it!

So anyways, lots of stuff going on and that is our weekend. I have pictures of NONE of it because my point and shoot camera got broken on new year's eve.... so I finally caved and bought a new one last night. I can't stand not having any pictures of anything. And I'd like to start taking and posting more pictures on the blog. I don't know if I'll go back to project 365 (take and post a picture a day) or if I'll just try to post pics from 3-4 things a week. We shall see!


Mich said...

all of your talk about food has made me very hungry - Dominoes Pizza, Fogo, meatballs, tater tots, calzone thingys - oh my. yum!