Thursday, February 19, 2009

The boy turns 30!

Last night we went to Southport Lanes for cheeseburgers for the Boy's birthday. He turned 30! Very very exciting!

My brother and his girlfriend are there and are visiting her sister in Boston this weekend and then going skiing in New Hampshire. Jay got all his ski gear this week, including a nice new jacket that I think looks really nice. As we were talking about skiing and the trip, Jay demonstrated his "I'm on the top of the mountain, thinking deep thoughts" face. Of course he made Kim play along too!

When we got to Southport Lanes it was snowing, and the wind was whipping so hard that it looked like it was snowing sideways. Let's just say that it was a nice night to hole up and have a few drinks instead of being outside. And Milly is perfecting her whining (I imagine it sounds more like this to her "THIS CONE!! It sucks! Mom! Dad! Take it off! I keep running into crap!"), so after listening to an hour of straight whining after work (I also call it "silent screaming" because it's so high-pitched) we were ready to get out of the house. We're having a party for Mike on Saturday, so it was pretty lowkey, but so much fun to just have some bad food, drinks, and talk with good friends.

Happy Birthday Mike! I freaking love you!

And a day late, but better than never.... the birthday tradition "10 things I like about Mike":

  1. I have never met anyone that doesn't like him. I've never met anyone that got along with people in general like he does
  2. He lets me take care of him... as much as I give him grief I actually like making meals for him and doing the laundry.
  3. He takes care of me... on Monday he ran to McDonald's just to get me a hot fudge sundae. And he would (and does) stand up for me and protect me.
  4. He is wicked smart. He's one of the smartest people I know.
  5. He can derive equal joy from a night out at a fancy restaurant, drinks with friends, or watching a movie on the couch with Dog.
  6. He is fiercely loyal.
  7. He'll always win in a pushup contest.
  8. At bedtime, he tucks me in every night because he goes to bed later than I do. It's a few minutes of nice quiet time to chat, just us.
  9. He married me... and puts up with me! He is everything a good husband should be and more. He is my best friend.
  10. Sometimes I forget that we are two different people and think of him as an extension of myself.

Sorry for the schmoopy ones, I have to be honest! Plus it wouldn't be a 10 things list without a little schmoop :)


Kevin said...

I must have been left off the e-vite. . .