Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boy Birthday Gift

So Mike turns 30 next week, and has been evading the question of birthday gifts for some time. At first, I thought I should get him a pair of nice jeans. You know, Sevens or Citizens or the like. Something he would never think to buy himself. But every time I mentioned it the Boy was pretty amibivalent. So I figured maybe that wasn't the best idea? I mean, I like my expensive jeans but I'm pretty sure the $27 Old Navy special suits Mike just fine. Plus he looks good in them. So whatever!

My boss and I had lunch last week with a guy in another group at work who had a netbook on his desk. We exclaimed how cool it was, and he then proceeded to show us that he'd hacked it to put the Mac OS Leopard on it. DOUBLE cool. The boss became immediately intrigued with how to do this and set about trying to make a "Hackintosh"

Boss brings his in yesterday and it's super cool. 10 inches wide, weighs two pounds... because of the Mac OS the thing is SLICK. I mean, just really cool (This is the part where my IT geekiness comes out). I knew I wanted one and started thinking of all the things we could use it for: Mike's computer is slowly dying a very awful death, we could tote it around Italy in May to look up maps, train schedules, activities and such... a lightbulb went on in my head.... "I wonder if Mike would like this for his bday?"

Turns out he did! So now we have a Wind U100 en route. I am super hype to play with it (after I make the Boss hack it, of course), and am glad that we'll have a laptop to take with us without much fuss to Italy. It will come in super handy and was sooo much cheaper than replacing Mike's straining behemoth of a laptop with a full-on classic laptop.

In other recent Amazon purchases, my point and shoot camera arrived yesterday, so hopefully I will be able to include more pictures here soon. Looking at all the entries on this blog from 2007 inspired me to workout more (can't really work out LESS, Bob!) and to post more pics, as well as made me more hopeful for warm weather. The pics from the April-May time period that year are so sunny and look like SUCH good weather. Maybe there is some hope for Chicago and the winter ending at some point after all.


Bayjb said...

It was really nice meeting you last night at the BOCA event. And this is a great gift! E-mail me if you want to talk more about Restaurant Week :)

punxxi said...

i have a 10" hp netbook, it's great for travel love it! a lot easier than lugging the 17" around, the only drawback is that you need an external cd/dvd drive ( yep i bought that,too.I want to load a couple of games on there)

MonkeyBusiness said...

I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I used something in the CD/DVD drive! when I'm watching something on the go it's usually on my iphone!

Mike said...

Sweet! Hackintosh coming my way. Though I will be sad to see the old dell go...we have spent several thousand hours together over the past 5 years. Mostly playing online poker, of course. Hopefully the replacement will treat me just as well.