Monday, February 16, 2009

Great weekend

This weekend was so great! We are so busy in February that it was nice to have some chill activities and time set aside to just hang out.

Friday started off right with employees from our office building management company handing me this:

I'm not a big Valentine's fan, but I'm not going to look the Oreo-cookie-dipped-in-chocolate gift horse in the mouth! In addition, my work discourages personal mail or deliveries being sent to our office, as I think our office administration staff is relatively small for the size of the company. So unlike other offices where there are a ton of flower deliveries, I didn't see any. It was kind of nice. I don't know that I've ever gotten flowers delivered to work - since I was hardly ever at the PwC office, it didn't really make sense.

After work, I ran home to get the condo ready for dinner. Andy and Michelle have a little baby due in about a month and we haven't hung out with them forever so we wanted to try and do dinner before little PBR makes her appearance! It was so fun just hanging out with them... Michelle brought her famous pudding recipe chocolate chip cookies and I made pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, and sweet potato fries. I overcooked the macaroni a bit, but it was allright. I would be interested to see if it would be better with way less cooking. It was such a nice, laidback evening.... just what I was looking for! They are fun people :)

I DID bug Hubs all week to get me "a flower" for Saturday. I don't dig big expensive arrangements, but it's nice to know that I deserve a trip to Club Jewel now and again. Plus we have all these nice vases that we never use :)

So this is what Mike got for me - some flowers and the World's Largest Balloon. I asked him why the balloon and he shrugged and said something to the effect that they were everywhere at Jewel and that he likes balloons. The thing cracked me up, it was so massive. He said that Milly howled at it all morning while I was gone at my Horizons for Youth group outing. By the time I got home, she had downgraded the "Beagle Threat Level" to Sunshine Yellow from Magenta, and was only growling at it now and again (as an aside... so much fun to shake a mylar balloon and watch the beagle run AWAY FAST).

I took a three hour nap, and then ran a few errands to gather the rest of the stuff for dinner. Once I got home, Mike and I went about putting together our fondue dinner. Fondue sounds fancy but it's so easy:
  • Step one: Buy cheese in a box
  • Step two: Take that cheese out of the box
  • Step three Heat up that cheese
  • Step four: Eat that cheese.

Similarly, the entree portion is easy too... you just pour the oil in the fondue pot, set it to go and then get to frying up dinner. I get even lazier on the dessert portion of the meal, buying meltable chocolate in an easy-mac-like cup and just dipping the strawberries, pound cake, and bananas in there.

After dinner, we watched Burn After Reading Mike thought it was hilarious, I thought it was funny with alot of Good Sheperd-ish moments.... like what is going on here? Brad Pitt was freaking funny in it! But the pic below basically depicts the evening, imagine the boy in the space between the beagle and the couch arm.... Milly was super cuddly and fun.

On Sunday I ran about a bazillion boring errands and tried to de-dog-hair the condo. Milly has been shedding a ton with the slightly warmer weather, so that has been fun! Oh and I finished the scarf! SCORE! It is super warm, I've already tried it out. I am rather proud of myself.

I have today off too, and already took Milly to the vet to get spayed today. We've been teasing her all week, telling her she's getting fixed and that means she must be broken. But despite the laughs I almost cried dropping the poor beagle off. She has no idea what is coming :( I'm doing lunch with my friend Andy and then heading up to see my friend Tracy and her little one Soraya. I'm sure a ton of Soraya pics will be uploaded to flickr soon! I am so excited to see that little baby - the last time I was there I had a cold and couldn't hold her!


Bayjb said...

Wow that is quite a busy weekend. I watched Burn After Reading last weekend and thought it was okay. Not a HUGE Cohen fan but it was ok.

Tabatha said...

Hope the pooch made it through surgery ok.
Sounds like a fun weekend!!!!

Mich said...

1. I keep thinking about those sweet potato fries - so frickin good.
2. I am very impressed that you finished the scarf - nice work!!
3. Milly looks like a little stuffed animal in that pic - too cute.