Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here is where I'm at so far...

  1. Journal: I have been writing in it, at least every other day
  2. Another photo class: This is a fall '09 resolution!
  3. No caffeine: Being good. Found three cherry diet cokes in the back of the hall closet (where we keep extra beverages) and let myself have one on Sunday (and THEN had five solid hours of productivity... ), so that was my once a month. Other than that, been completely off it! It was a little rough-going this morning when I was super tired and smelled someone else's French Vanilla Dunkin' Donuts though.
  4. Buy a paper shredder: I forgot both times I went to Target this month. doh!
  5. Website and cart for name frames: I figured out the cart stuff on paypal, and downloaded some templates for the actual website.
  6. Quit candy: Going strong
  7. Finish purple scarf: Finished knitting a whole skein of yarn! Just one more to go.