Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Statcounter troubles

So I logged onto StatCounter this morning to see my blog traffic and it said I had NO visitors since mid October... I was a bit confused, especially since at least Michelle commented on an entry or two and then realized I didn't insert the StatCounter code into my new design. Oops! I mean, it's not like I get a whole heck of a lot of traffic anyways, but it was weird to see NO visitors. At first, I was like "well, if no one is visiting, then I can start the Brutal Honesty portion of our show"... but then realized it had to be a mistake.

The mistake was mine, a technical miss on my part. At least I figured it out. Shows how often I log into StatCounter!

On a totally different subject, did anyone see this? I have been eagerly anticipating a Slingplayer client for my iPhone since I purchased it and am super freaking pumped. Hopefully it works well, and isn't super slow. Who knows, though? I guess the app would only be as good as your connection, so there would be limitations. But at least I could watch some shows on the iPhone through our Slingbox rather than buying anything I want to watch on itunes. That would save some bank. Each show is only 1.99 but that adds up.


Mich said...

I think you should start the "Brutal Honesty portion of our show" anyway.....just for kicks!