Monday, January 05, 2009


I have been kicking around resolutions today. I want them to be important yet measureable...
  1. My brother and his girlfriend got me this awesome journal, and I want to make sure I write in it each day. So that is the first resolution.
  2. I would like to take the Digital 2 class at Chicago Photography Center (I took Digital one last year). I see this happening in the fall or late summer for me.
  3. I want to keep up with my quitting caffeine and carbonation thing. I cheated a little over the holiday and my throat is paying for it. My one exception to this would be champagne, maybe once a month, and maybe one diet coke a month. But I am going to try and go without it totally.
  4. Buy a paper shredder. I keep putting it off because it's SO not a fun purchase... this should be an easy one to check off the list.
  5. Start the website and checkout abilities for the name frame business. I want to have this up and running by April.
  6. Quit candy with Michelle. I would also like to lose some lbs and fit into my clothes a little better, but doubt putting that on the resolutions listing would do anything but make me feel bad. If it's measurable (lose 10 lbs), I don't think it's a good fitness goal. And if it's a good fitness goal (be stronger, pants fit better) then it's not measurable. Candy is a big weakness of mine and one reason why my pants don't fit well, so I'll make that a resolution and hope that helps the weight-loss effort.


Mich said...

Yay for no candy! It won't be easy, but I think we can do it!