Saturday, January 24, 2009

And then we almost got arrested...

Well, it's been a kind of crappy week in the Knowles household, and it started off on Monday night.

On the way home from puppy class, a light turned yellow and Mike started to throw on the brakes to stop, then realized that throwing on the brakes would slam Milly into the back of the seat (she was wet and dirty from prancing around in the snow, so we put her in the very back of the SUV). So he sped up to make the light. Only because he had slowed down before, the light was red when we went through it. Immediately, red and blue flashing lights lit up the night, and Mike sighed and said "Great. I don't have my ID on me either." I don't take my purse to puppy class, because I hate leaving it in the car (asking for a breakin!) and hate leaving it sitting out on the sidelines (I am just way too paranoid). So we had no ID on us at all. Then for some reason our insurance card was missing! So the police officer asked us to follow him to the station. AWESOME.

Once we got there, we were convinced our car would get towed and the officer already told us we would have to post bond. I didn't have my purse or phone and Mike has a new phone with almost no numbers in it, so I was convinced I was going to have to call my parents to get my brother's phone number to come bail us out (I have three numbers memorized: my dad's cell, my parent's home, and mike's cell). We didn't know how long we would be in the station so we took Milly in with us. And I think she saved us! The officer wrote us the two tickets he could have written out on the street and another notice that said basically we would have to pay $1K if Mike doesn't show up in court. Then they let us go home! We were there for less than a half hour which was awesome.

Obviously, we were really nice and polite and I'm sure they don't see that alot. The officer was laughing that night too, saying that some guy was getting arrested for threatening to blow up a bar after he got kicked out for being way too drunk. We saw the guy, too, and it looked like he had had better days.

So anyways, moral of the story: Dog gets us into trouble, Dog gets us out of trouble. The End