Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

Holy CRAP I ate alot this weekend. Yowza.

Friday night we went to Flemings with Jay and Kimmy. Flemings starts out the meal with some bread and some champagne-infused brie and red pepper and basil butter. SO GOOD. I could have eaten just that and been satisfied. They also had this summer prixe fix menu, which you had to ask for. It was awesome! You got an appetizer, entree, side, and dessert all for $35.95. Such a great deal. Kimmy and I couldn't decide whether to get the filet or scallops, so I pitched the idea of getting and splitting them both. It worked out splendidly and we both had half of the scallops and half of the filet (which was cooked to a perfecto medium). Dessert was amazing. I had the banana creme brulee, below, which exceeded expectations. It was the regular creme brulee custard, topped with bananas, and then the sugary crunchy topping was over the top of the bananas. Yum. The creme brulee came with some crazy infused whipped cream, which was good. But I didn't really need it to make the dessert!

Mike got the chocolate lava cake, which disappeared in a flash. It was giving Morton's a run for their money for Best Lava Cake. Very tasty. It came with ice cream too, which was great.
After we finished dinner and headed home, Milly decided to go nutso on the pig ear Kim got her earlier in the week. She loved it all of the sudden, even though it had been laying on the floor dripping with beagle disdain for four days straight. Beagles are crazy, yo. I knew she would like it sooner or later, it was a pig ear for cryin' out loud!
Saturday I headed to the Cubs game with the gals. I disappointed even myself, opting for a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a footlong chili-cheese-dog (what is WRONG with me?) and some cotton candy. Did you know that a whole bag of cotton candy will run you about 160 calories. You're welcome. Eating the whole thing (almost) by yourself may or may not also make you sick to your stomache. I'm just sayin'.

Someone was messing with a Canon point and shoot (mine is a Canon as well) in the row in front of me and had some cool color accent setting thingy. So I decided to see if mine would do the same. Turned out pretty cool!

Girl picture! Note to self: Strange arm thing that celebrities do actually does help arm look less fat!
It was a win for the Cubs, and my friend Choater did a dance while I messed with my camera some more. Can't you just hear "Go Cubs go, go Cubs go, hey Chicago whaddya say? Cubs are gonna win today!"
Emily gets some cheese in too.
After the game, I headed home while the girls headed to Murphy's. I got this pic of the Wrigley Field sign and headed to my fave tshirt store, Strange Cargo. Unfortunately, the Cubs shirt that I liked the most was this white slub cotton with a huge blue W on the front. Call my superstitious, but I don't want to wear a Win shirt to the stadium!! That's just asking to be proven wrong!
Once home, I settled on the couch with a pillow and my favorite 27-year-old strawberry shortcake blankie. I woke up three hours later wondering where I was. Now that is the hallmark of a good nap.

I became conscious only long enough to go to dinner with the boy, then it was back on the couch again. Sunday was more of the same, with a break to bathe the puppy, break the vacuum cleaner (darn dog toy got sucked up!!) and lunch with friends.

All in all, a GREAT weekend.