Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anniversary fun

Last year for our anniversary, Mike and I went to Saugatuck, Michigan. While Saugatuck was super cute and fun, we spent most of the weekend either napping, or drinking champagne in our room while watching the summer olympics. We were like, this is just stupid... we could have done this at home. But the thing was, we wouldn't have done that at home - we would have been doing any one of a million errands or social engagements. So we decided this year to just get a room at a hotel downtown and go out to a nice dinner.

Enter Trump Tower. I think it goes without saying that the Trump was A-Mazing and the rooms were awesome. This is a pic of our room... doesn't really do it justice because I'm standing in the small sitting area with couch, table, etc.

The bathroom was as big as our master bedroom. The tub was MASSIVE.
See that little black square right there? That is a TV embedded in the mirror. I am in love. Later that night we hung out in the tub and drank champagne and watched Grade A programming such as "Tommy Boy" and "Megan Wants a Millionaire." That's how we roll.
In the sitting area, there was a little water bar. I jokingly said to Mike "Yeah, like I WANT a $25 dollar bottle of water." Then I looked at the water menu.... oh yeah Bling2O was totally $25. The rest were $10, but STILL.
We got down to business and had someone bring us some ice to chill our champagne. We had Iron Horse champagne at our wedding, and when we visited the winery in Napa we told them that we'd had one of their Jereboams (3 liters) at the wedding. They were so nice, and gave us a free bottle of their wedding cuvee.... we ended up drinking that on our first anniversary, which was nice because we didn't keep the top tier of cake for our anniversary fun. Everyone we talked to said "it tasted like year-old cake. disgusting." So we figured we would just buy a NEW cake for our anniversary. As it turned out, the champagne ended up making a nice new tradition, and I picked up a bottle at Sam's to enjoy at the Trump.
After getting ready, we headed to the 16th floor terrace to enjoy some views, cocktails, and an appetizer. Unfortunately, it was about 95 degrees with some major humidity. We were sitting, waiting to order, when I realized that if I was sweating in my thin cocktail dress, Mike was going to be in trouble. I looked at him and was like, "Want to go to the bar downstairs and stay inside?" He was all for it, so we bailed. But we got a few pics of the amazing view first.

Downstairs we both ordered strawberry mojitos. "I don't care if it's pink, it's GOOD," said Mike. I'm glad he's comfortable enough with himself to order a pink drink.
After drinks at the Trump's bar Rebar, we headed to Graham Elliot for dinner. This is where the pics end! But the meal was amazing. For appetizers Mike had the crispy buffalo chicken, and I had white tuna sashimi. Entrees were the miso-grilled lobster for me and the heritage pork loin for Mike. All the food was really good, but the miso sauce on the lobster had a really weird grainy quality that I didn't care for. I loved the white tuna sashimi, it was amazing, it had this really tasty avocado creme and mango sauce. I think the best part, for me, was the cocktails: I had the blueberry hill (hendrick's gin, creme de violette, blueberry compote and basil shrub) and the gin blossoms (they don't have the ingredients posted online, but I remember it being some sort of flavored gin as well and prosecco maybe?). They were both super yummy and amazing!

Such a great night, I had so much fun just hanging out with Mike and being on our own. I think that means we must like each other!


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What a great idea! Happy anniversary!