Friday, August 14, 2009

Bullety Friday

  • Thank the gods above for the filter between my brain and mouth. Or perhaps my brain and facebook. I always want to put these snarky status comments and then realize I am friends with my whole family, some coworkers, and family friends that would almost certainly take offense. On the downside, no one ever gets to see my brilliant one-liners.
  • On that same tack, I was talking to Michelle at BlogHer and told her that it's hard to tell if I'm a nice person or not b.c I know what goes on in my head and that if I said half of it, people wouldn't think I was that nice of a person. She said she thought I was nice, so I must be doing a decent filtering job :)
  • I'm planning my sister's shower next weekend. There is kind of a lot of stuff, yo! Favors, gift, and games down. Now I just need to get to work making cupcakes, broccoli slaw, and picking up stuff for mimosa. How many mimosa should I budget per person? I'm thinking 5-10 right? hahaha... hopefully it's more like 2.
  • I keep worrying I'll forget to have my bridesmaid dress altered for the wedding. I need to just chill out and realize I am on top of it and won't forget.
  • Tonight we're heading to Flemings with my brother and his girlfriend, Kim. Should be a good time. I am uber-stoked. If you live in Chicago and haven't tried Flemings, I would highly recommend. Love the Flemings potatoes.
  • Tomorrow it's off to the Cubs game. Hopefully this weather keeps up.
  • Dog has been kind of spirited this week. Yesterday she was trying to get at my retainer on the bathroom vanity (note to dog, you are NOT tall enough. FREAKING GIVE IT UP ALREADY) and put dirty puppy pawprints all over my white bathroom cabinet. Gah. On the upside, now the cabinet is Very Clean.
  • On Monday I drove to work, and accidentally forgot and got on the train to go home. I heard the train doors ding to close, and realized in that moment my car was downtown. I freaking sprinted out those doors so fast, I'm sure everyone was like, "What the hell was that?" Thank goodness I remembered before the doors closed, that would have sucked to get to where I usually park the car and be like... "Oh yeah."
  • Love hearing the planes whoosh overhead for the Chicago Air and Water show! Fun!


Maggie May said...

Hi :) Dropping by and new here... glad to find your blog, love the picture below- I want a new baby! I have three kids and it's not enough. Crazy? Hmm

Bayjb said...

How was Flemings? I haven't been there before but want to check it out! Good note on the potatoes.