Friday, August 21, 2009


So our friend, Brett, was telling us how at work they have casual days, but you have to have a sticker to dress casual b.c then you are showing that you donated to some cause in order to be able to wear casual wear. One day one of his coworkers was freaking out b.c he was wearing a button-up, jeans, and dress shoes, and didn't have a sticker. Brett said "Oh, I have a roll of those in my desk because I never wear them. You can have one of mine" The guy said, "But you dress casually all the time." Brett, in shorts and a tshirt and tennis shoes replied, "No, this is dressed-up Brett. Casual Brett doesn't wear PANTS."

Brett is really really funny and has a thing about hair. He detests hair that is not attached to someone's head. Because of this, he avoids haircuts and lets his hair get pretty shaggy. When I first saw him at my own rehearsal dinner all clean-cut, I was like "OH MY GOSH, this was important enough to get a haircut!!!" I was so touched it was ridiculous.

He and his team finished a huge project last week and to celebrate the end being nigh, he got his hair cut into a bozo-the-clown-inspired cut. Shaved on top, shaggy on the sides. It looked hilarious. After the project was over they just shaved him bald altogether. That's Brett, always taking one for the team.

One last Brett story, and then onto some backup testing for me. Like I said, he hates detached hair. He and his girlfriend were in traffic one day and the girl in the car in front of them was cleaning out her brush and threw a big ball of hair out the window. His girlfriend said it went in slow motion, the hairball blowing toward them, and then landing on their windshield, Brett freaking OUT. Poor Brett. That would totally only happen to someone with a hair phobia/hatred. I mean, I'm fine with hair and that has totally never happened to me. Poor Brett.


Mich said...

When Andy went to Mike's bachelorette party he came back and was giving me the run down of who was there etc. - he said, "I kept calling this guy Brett, Monk because he is a germ freak" - since then whenever Andy mentions Brett, I say, "Monk?"

Mike said...

Bachelore'ette' party?!?! Much to my friends chagrin, there were nowhere near that many girls there.