Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Katie's shower

This weekend we threw Katie's wedding shower at my parents' house in Evansville. Such a long car ride to Evansville, I think it ended up being 6.5 hours on the way there and 7.5 on the way back (Chicago traffic on the Ryan has been absolutely horrendous lately). Regardless, once we got home, we hauled all the stuff into the house (had 2 cases of wine, 1 case and a Jereboam of champagne for my Dad!) and got to work on making pom-poms for the decorations. I had put them together in Chicago and we just had to poof them out and hang them. I had 10 total, we had three in the entry, three in the dining room, 3 in the kitchen and one in the living room. They made for a fun, whimsical look. I really liked them!
Here is a shot of the dining room, all pom-pom'ed out.
I had everything perfectly timed, if I do say so myself. The shower started at ten, and I had everything queued up and ready to be done at 10:15 so we could make a little smalltalk and then eat. Then people started showing up at 9:40. EEK! Luckily my cousin Sabrina was my sous chef, and she helped out so much. I got a little frantic, running around doing stuff for a minute, but it all came together and the food was delish!

I served omelette bundles, which you could top with either hollandaise, salsa verde, or basil pesto. My fave was the salsa verde. We also had brocolli salad, fruit salad, and mimosas with pomegranete, orange, or pineapple juice. Everyone very much enjoyed the food so I was excited! As everyone ate I sat down to scarf some food and take some pictures of my favorite little booboohead.

Got to open wide to meal on these blueberries!

Someone may need a nap?

Laughing with Mommy

Finally got one with her looking at the camera


With Mom after brunch
Once we got done eating, we played a few games: How well do you know Katie, and a purse scavenger hunt. Those went pretty quickly and we moved to gifts. Everyone was very generous and Katie got some really nice things!

After the shower I treated myself to another glass or two of champagne, relaxing and being SO GLAD two major events (bachelorette and shower) I was responsible for were over. Yay! Then Mom, Sabrina, and I hit the town, shopping for paint and fun stuff at Macy's. A quick stop at Los Bravos for a late lunch, and we headed back home to get Katie and head out to the wedding DJ's house for a quick consult.

Later that night Katie headed to her friend's house for a BBQ and we watched Gracie. We had so much fun with her!

Uncle Mike thought she would look good on the fireplace

Grandpa introduces the granddog to the grandkid. Milly didn't do anything when Gracie tried to touch her eye, she just closed it! Such a patient beagle when it comes to kids!

Early on Saturday, whenever Gracie saw Milly she squealed in a mixture of glee and terror that leaned toward terror. Later in the day, it was alot more glee.

On Sunday morning, Katie, Mike and I headed to church (well, first Mike and I left and then Katie got there a little later, saying "Thanks for leaving me, guys!" I had had no idea she was coming with US to church!!) Mom said it was pretty funny when we all left, because Milly was crying and whining and Gracie started bawling. Ah, grand-dogs/-kids....

After church I got a few more shots in of Gracie, in a dress that Jay and Kim bought her!

And then we came home! Took us forever, but we're finally here!

Oh and here is the pic of the fondant-covered cupcakes. Their monogram spelled "ACK".... lol, so funny. I seriously piped all of them, then stepped back and said "Oh, sh*t." Luckily it was just funny and Katie didn't care!


Mich said...

1. love the fun green poms! very nice touch.

2. Gracie makes a very nice mantle-piece! Mike has great decorating sense.

3. Oh Milly - nice job on the action pics of the eye touching and squealing!

Bayjb said...

So cute! I love the poms, they are adorable. Great touch.