Sunday, August 09, 2009

Gap party

I keep meaning to post about this, but last week on Friday I went to a party thrown by Jessica for the Gap. She happens to be a Gap brand enthusiast (OMG so jealous) and they gave her a bunch of jeans to throw a party - we all tried on jeans and strutted our stuff and got to take some home! I mean, SCORE, free jeans.

Jess had over about 20 people, and everyone brought some food and alcohol. I had a GREAT time mealing on all kinds of yummy apps and sweets (whoever brought those mini cupcakes, God bless ya) and chatting up her friends. They were all really funny and friendly and I had a great time!!

As for the jeans at the party, there were the Sexy Boot, Always Skinny, and Real Straight styles of jeans. I am pretty much Against skinny jeans, with the one exception being that I wear skinny jeans in the winter with my Fugg (Fake Ugg) boots. So of course I headed straight for the Sexy Boot and laid claim to the pair in my size.

I have to say, I didn't have many expectations for the jeans b.c I am a Seven for All Mankind loyal jeans fan, but I went ahead and took the jeans to the tailor the next day just to go ahead and get them shortened so I could wear them. A lot of my jeans are tight these days (ugh, exercise, I hate you) so I figured at the worst I would have one more pair of jeans that fit. I wore them to work on Thursday and I really really liked them. I was already a Gap fan, but I think they might have won me over even more. The jeans fit super well, and were perfect in the waistband and the legs and rump. The make the butt look GREAT. Plus they are super soft and very comfy! They have a bit of spandex in them so they didn't get saggy anywhere. I wore them that weekend as well and I felt like I liked them more and more as the day went on - and they looked just as good after two wearings as when I first put them on.

We'll see how they wash... hopefully they hold their softness and elasticity. I plan to wash them like I do all my premium denim - inside out with the buttons and zippers done up, on delicate. So hopefully that will help!

Sadly I took no pictures... totally out of the ordinary for me. Oh well.


Bayjb said...

Aww I'm so glad you liked them! It was great to see you, thank you for making those nummy raviolis, many people said how great they were :)