Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I've been seeing a lot of movies lately, Bob. Check it out

On Netflicks
  • Bride Wars - Fluffy, not so entertaining. I watched it while doing some other chores such as the dishes and tidying up the living room. It was OK, but not good and just barely entertaining. If i would have put money on one of the girls "finding her way" I would have have thought it would be the Anne Hathaway character.
  • Revolutionary Road - Odd. Great cinematography and everyone loves Leo and Kate Winslet. I just didn't get how they were so very unhappy in the suburbs... I mean, if you are happy and you love your spouse, can't you be happy about anywhere? I am a big believer that fixes are inside yourself and not by doing any one thing. Thought it was interesting that she was pregnant and smoking like a chimney and downing martini after martini. Guess times have majorly changed!
  • Curious Case of Benjamin Button (still working on this one!) - We'll see how this goes, so far it's pretty interesting!
At the Theater
  • The Proposal - Super entertaining and funny, although I didn't really believe the two main characters fell in love. I don't know, there was something weird there, maybe not enough chemistry. But I got to stare at Ryan Reynolds for two hours; in my book that is an automatic WIN.
  • The Hangover - "I KEEP FORGETTING ABOUT THE TIGER!!!" Hilarious. Seriously, I would see this one again, my friend Amy told me it was just as funny the second time around.
  • Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince - I think to really like the Harry Potter films you have to just LET GO that they need to be exactly like the books. I didn't reread the book before watching the movie so that I would do this - not having read the book for 4 or more years, I thought the film was outstanding. But some friends I know were pretty honked about what was cut out or changed. Oh well, I thought it conveyed the important moments and emotions... you can expect a film to cover everything to a tee in a 700 page book that is super-detailed.
  • The Time Traveler's Wife - So sad, so well done, so ahhhh Eric Bana. Such a great love story. My only beef was that they didn't include the last scene from the book. JERKS! I loved loved loved this book, and I think they did it justice. In the book, I felt like the way it went was inevitable, wheras in the movie I was all "DUCK! DO SOMETHING! AGHHHH!!!" Oh well.
  • The Ugly Truth - Cute and entertaining. But I don't really get why they keep casting Heigl in "Control Freak Career Woman". Whatever, it was fun and funny.
The sad thing is that I haven't even seen all the movies that I want to! Still want to see Public Enemies and Inglorious Basterds.


Bayjb said...

Revolutionary Road was interesting to watch. Well shot and well adapted but damn the ending did and didn't shock me, or sell me on marriage :)

ITA with you about Time Traveler's just saw it this weekend.