Thursday, August 06, 2009

More nephew fun!

Saturday, Mike's Mom and Paul came into the city to visit us and brought the two oldest nephews, Dade and Aydan. Mike timed his grilling to make sure lunch was done right when we got there and we all enjoyed a nice family meal at the table together (love that tiny table we have that has a leaf that folds out to seat 6 easily!)

After lunch we were up in the air about whether to take the boys to the Lincoln Park Zoo or the Museum of Science and Industry. After lunch, it was about 2-2:30 and the museum closed around 5:30. So did the zoo, but it was FAR closer and easier to access. So we figured we'd hit that up.
The boys pose by the sign on the way in
Once we got there I lobbied to go through the Lion House (my fave... it's awesome when the lions and tigers start roaring back and forth at each other. The whole place reverberates.. it's crazy awesome.) This is the outside of the house, the animals have access to both indoor and outdoor areas.
On the way into the house we looked back through this window to the outside area and saw the Lions were doin' it. Or rather, the boy lion wanted to do it, and the girl like was all "Get away from me, what is your problem!?" hahahaha..
Inside the Lion House... so pretty!
Then we headed through the rest of the zoo. This penguin took a liking to Aydan. I love this pic.
We saw the rhino, and a guide had a rhino horn we could check out. The rhino weighed 3,000 pounds and looked like curmudgeonly fellow.
At the giraffe area it was hard to remember we were smack dab in the middle of the city. The apartment building in the distance serves as a bit of a reminder.
They put the giraffes, gazelles, ostriches, and some other bird in all together. They seemed to chill. Here the boys step up on the railings to see.
In the monkey house there is an exhibit with the different monkeys and the sizes of their hands. I think Mike was a chimp.
After a few hours, everyone was tired from walking all over and a bit cold from the wind. So we got ice cream, checked out the flamingos, and bounced. Didn't make it to the petting zoo that day, maybe some other time!!


Bayjb said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun! I love the zoo, I need to go more :)

Mich said...

That penguin house smelled funk-a-dunky when we walked in there...and it was so humid that the glass was all foggy and we couldn't see the cute little guys....booo.