Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vegas, baby

Hubs and I went to Vegas this last weekend and hoo boy did we have fun! Here's a quick photo recap. We stayed at the Wynn

We ate at Mesa Grill, where I made someone take pics of Hubs, me, and Brett. Brett was REALLY happy to take this pic. Not!
We saw the Beatles Love Cirque. It was awesome!
We headed to the Carnaval bar and did a Team Knowles fistbump.
We met up with an old coworker of mine, who lives in Orange County now ("Home of the Cougar" he said!). I took pics that cut off his head. Oops. He also saved my iPhone when Mike upended an entire Maker's and Diet on the table.
To top off the weekend, we ate lunch at Stripburger on Sunday where I had fried pickles while wearing my new aviators. Cool!
The weather was amazing and we had a great time! Plus I got to shop at Anthro, so it was pretty much a perfect little vacation. :)


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

The Wynn is GORGEOUS, OMG. We dind't make it to Mesa Grill when I was there, but I heard it's amazing. And I loved LOVE too!