Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stratton Family Reunion 2010

This weekend we headed down to Brown County State Park in southern Indiana to get our family reunioning on!

I didn't get ANY pictures of little Gracie! I'm a little heartbroken about this, but she was only there on Saturday and was in the waterpark for much of it. And new Nikon baby doesn't go near the water. Gotta protect it near splashy kids!!

On Sunday after breakfast we take a ton of pictures before everyone takes off though, so I got a few good ones...
Emma and Michael cheese

Lots of little kids. Didn't realize there would be this many in the 18 and under picture!
My Grandpa and his siblings Rita and Marvin. They started this whole family reunion tradition!
Marvin Family picture

Rita Family picture

Frank Family picture
The whole group!!!
I did manage to get a few pics other than the group shots, mostly of my cousin's new baby (2.5 months old, so cute!) Abigail
She is so cute and such a good baby.
That is it for this year's Family Reunion festivities! Hopefully next year I get more pics of Gracie!