Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Fun from the doggy beach

Milly has always been a bit scared of the water (that may be our fault.... we tossed her right into our friend's lake last year thinking she would just love it once she got in. Oops), so Sunday at the doggy beach we didn't have high hopes for her to get in the water.

Hmmm, Dad. You have fun out there. I don't think so.

Some pets for a couple steps out? OK, I'm thirsty anyways.

I'm good. I'll just hang here, thanks.

But I want the ball. Just a few more steps.

Dad took my ball out there. Oh noes!

OK, fine, count me in. But only if Dad is around!

Getting deeper!!! Half swimming, half walking
Now that I'm out on this sandbar it's soooo not a big deal.
She's not frolicking around in the water yet like some of the dogs out there, but she got in! Baby steps!! We had a good time at the doggy beach, even if each round of fetch was sure to get Milly a snout full of sand. Still a good time!