Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Weekend recapped

Hubs and I were originally supposed to go out of town to a Florida beach this Memorial Day weekend. Those plans fell through b.c the friends we were supposed to go with bailed. However, I am SO GLAD we stayed home this weekend. It was everything I hoped for and more.

The weekend sort of started out on Thursday night. I say "sort of" since I worked from home on Friday. Thursday night I went out with my girlfriends to see SATC2. It was ok, but the theater we went to was amazing. We hit up the Roosevelt ICON theater and had VIP seating. This meant our seats were assigned and we didn't have to wait in line to get good seats. I was stoked. They had really good food at the theater and even better, great drinks. I will be returning to have Scott the bartender's Hendrick's dirty martini again. So good.

Friday I worked from the comforts of my couch and sent Hubs pictures like this of dog also enjoying the couch:
I'm pretty sure this is what she does every day when we're gone at work. Minus the couch, since we lock her in the hallway because she can't be trusted.

Friday night my brother, his fiance Kim, and his friend Kevin came over for grilling and cocktails. They left to go to another party around 9:30 and Mike walked out with them to take Milly to potty. I got way too comfortable on the couch in his absence and as a result stayed home watching America the Story of Us on the history channel instead of going to another buddy's house for more drinking. The couch was so comfy!!!

Saturday morning I woke up and cleaned the house, organized some stuff, balanced the checkbook, and finally woke Mike up around 11:30. "I'm going to Kirkwood for drinks and lunch," I told him. "OK, fine, I'll go. But only for one drink and a cheeseburger," he replied.

Then this happened.... let's just say we totally stayed longer than expected! We basically spent all day in the beer garden at Kirkwood. I can think of many worse things... we had a ton of fun.

Fishbowl means... you'll be here awhile boys.
Me and Kimmy!

Some random guy decided to take a nap. He had a sweet Minnesota accent.
Mike and I left around 7 to go home and potty Milly. We were going to head back to the bar and go back out again, but Mike fell asleep and I couldn't wake him up. So I camped out on the couch, watched more America the Story of Us, and baked cookies for our new next-door neighbors. Mike woke up at 11:30PM, long enough to watch two episodes of Mad Men with me, eat, and then go back to bed.

Sunday morning we woke bright and early and grabbed McDonald's breakfast on the way to the doggy beach. It was a gorgeous hot day and Milly loved it. She's been there before, but we haven't (Kim took her), so it was a good first family outing to the beach!
After we got home it was time for a family nap and then accomplishing some tasks - we hauled stuff down to the garage storage unit, organized it, added some tiles above the stove to fill in around the new appliances, replaced some light bulbs, did laundry, etc. Lots of quick stuff that we'd been procrastinating on forever.

That night we hit up dinner at El Tapatio... finally I have a good Mexican place to substitute for my place back home, Los Bravos. It was amazing and totally reasonable. We ordered a pitcher of frozen strawberry margaritas, and he brought us four almost-full glasses and the full pitcher. "I had some leftover for you guys," the waiter said. "I like how this place works!" exclaimed Mike. After dinner we headed to Iron Man2, which was loud but good. I thought it was as good as the first one, and I love Robert Downey, Jr, so it was all fine by me.

Monday was a BBQ with some of Mike's coworkers, more naps, and more America the Story of Us. The weekend was a perfect balance between chilling, accomplishing, and socializing. Best weekend I've had in a long time! Let's make all of the weekends that long, eh?


Getrealmommy said...

Reading your blog is a little like torture for me... remembering how much fun life was PRE-Kids! I know I did all this stuff too in my late 20's, but what I would do for another fun weekend like that! Don't get me wrong, love my life but-oh I miss that freedom! Enjoy it!

Mich said...

Looking at that fishbowl made my head hurt. holy hangover.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

That sounds like an amazing weekend. I think I could take that fishbowl down pretty easily :) And I will definitely go back with you to the ICON theater for a drink, I can be moderately sober buddy!