Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blackhawks Rally

Took some good pics at the Blackhawk rally and thought I'd share!

This guy had a sweet Stanley Cup Costume on!
After the police cars and some sponsor floats, each team member had a trolley with his name on it. The trolley was filled with his family and friends, and these people were pretty darn excited!

Then came multiple double-decker buses, filled with Blackhawks players, management, and even some older players in their jerseys!

Byfuglien holds up a sweet wrasslin' belt.... BTW, this is pronounced "Bufflin"... wouldn't have figured that out on my own.
Not sure who this is?

Toews hoists the cup!!
More cup!
The crowd follows the parade down the street... so cool!
The parade was super cool... I don't know if I'd go to one again (esp on a hot muggy summer day) unless it was the Cubs, but it was great to get to experience at least once! One of those Chicago things, checked off the to-do list :)


Mich said...

I like the guy with the wrestling belt!