Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bakin' and Eggs

On Saturday we met up with Michelle and Andy and their wee one Samantha for brunch at one of our favorite new spots, Bakin' and Eggs. We LOVE this place, and it's convenient because it's just up Lincoln from us. Let's just say if you live in Chicago you have to go. And if you don't and you come visit, I will almost certainly take you there!

As an aside, I feel like kids look really grown up when the can smile intentionally for the camera. Sam is such a big girl!!!
Once we arrive, I always hem and haw over the menu for the entire time before the waitress comes to take the order, and then finally give in and order my usual, the Southern Comfort Bowl. Behold, breakfast potatoes, topped with eggs, topped with cheese, topped with biscuits, topped with gravy. Be still my heart.
We also like to get the bacon flight for the table. It has jalapeno, honey, mesquite, maple pepper, and cherry smoked bacons. And it is freakin' delish.
Such a good time with some of our fave people and food! My idea of a great Saturday morning :)


Hi! I'm Erin said...

Okay, that breakfast might just be worth the trip into the city. My husband would be in heaven!

Mich said...

i want to go again! so fun. so tasty. so perfect!

bgh h nbhn b,nb, c,cm,ckbnnb

that last bit was from Samantha - she said that she loved it too.