Thursday, July 08, 2010

Getting things done.... or not.

One of my pet peeves is trying to get something accomplished and not being able to do so because someone else is a moron. Today's example of that was the city clerk's office distributing about 125,000 defective city stickers (only to those who preordered right when the forms came! What can I say? I like to check things off the list!). So I had to go and exchange the stickers at City Hall. Wonderful. I usually order things online because I don't like to wait in line with the unwashed masses (what? people are smelly). Other examples of me doing my part but the task not getting accomplished include 1) going to Home Depot to have extra condo keys made but the keys are not cut right so I have to go back and have them recut again or 2) going to the dog food store where the chick accidentally scans Milly's food twice so I have to go back again for a refund. Boo!! It's like I shouldn't even bother trying to get stuff done to begin with sometimes!

All that said, when I went to City Hall today I was totally impressed. They had 5-6 people working the information desk and asking people why they were there and directing them accordingly. When I informed one guy that I had defective stickers, he took them and my receipt and went to reprint them for me. No waiting in line, I even got to sit down in the back! This was awesome because that line wrapped around like four times and I would have been there about forever. Let's just say other than the 6 block walk there and back, it was actually a nice experience. Score one for the city! :)