Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iWanna my white iPhone

I've been waiting very very patiently for the white iPhone to come out. Last week it was delayed yet again, to year-end, so I gave up. Darn you, clean design and beautiful classic Apple loveliness!

So I go into Best Buy last night (I had Best Buy gift cards, so this made my iPhone the best price - ZERO dollars) to order my new iPhone.

Me: Hi, I'd like to order the iPhone 4.
Girl at Counter: OK, let me look and see if you are upgrade eligible... ok, yup, you're good to go. Name?
Me: April Lastname
GaC: Phone number
Me: 773-###-####
GaC: Would you like the black phone or the white one?

I spluttered, like, "I don't think the white one is available. Right? Right?" The manager leans over the girl and is like "Yeah, God only know when those will come in. We're not taking orders for them."

The girl just shrugged it off, didn't even admit she had no idea what she was talking about and marked down "Black" on the order form.

Um? Thanks for both making my hopes and dreams and crushing them in 20 seconds flat. Hooch.


LMK said...

I love that you called her a hooch!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

That is not cool of the Best Buy girl. At all. And that is awesome you had all gift cards to buy that baby.