Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mega update

Looking at the blog lately, you'd think we have nothing going on. And I did the same... wondering what to write about. Fortunately my little point and shoot camera saves the day and reminds me of what we've been up to.

The week after Vegas, we got Mike's boss's tickets to the White Sox game and we took some friends along... this is Amy and myself at the game.
At about the bottom of the 8th inning, some old man in front of us stood up and started YELLING. "You twos are the most ignorant fans I've ever sat in front of at a baseball game ever! All you did was talk the WHOLE TIME. BLAH BLAH BLAH!" And then proceeded to run up the aisle (which was rather long because we were in the 5th row) screaming BLAH BLAH BLAH and flapping his arms. Once we got over the shock of being screamed at, it was kind of funny. Plus, Amy knows more about baseball than most dudes. She was like "If he'd stuck around, I could have told him anything he wanted to know about the game. You ran it up in the 4th and then it was kind of boring!" It was so funny. At least we can refer to ourselves as the Most Ignorant Fans Ever. Dude, Sox fans are crazy!

I went on a boat cruise with a professional organization that I'm a member of. Fun networking and talking to people I used to work with. Plus the view was amazing.
My friend Stacy turned 30 and we all went out to celebrate. Here me, Emily, and Shayna pose at Glascott's!
On the 4th of July weekend we headed to our friend's lakehouse in southern Michigan on Friday night, then attended Mike's cousin's wedding on Saturday during the day. We left Milly at the lake with her friends, but had to stop by my sister's house on the way back to the lake to see her new puppy, Jonas. He is a basset and so cute. He runs like his body is made of one giant slinky - all 4 paws just all over the place. So cute!!
This was what Milly was up to while we were gone. Getting attention from all the lovely ladies!
On Sunday Mike participated in the annual lake cornhole tournament. He didn't win this time, he was pretty disappointed. But look how adoringly Milly looks at him. I love that Milly likes him best - I like him best too, and it makes me feel like I really picked a good one that the tiny beagle has such an admiration for him.
Last weekend we headed to Boston with my brother and his fiance to visit his fiance's sister and her husband. I caught a contraband pic of the skyline right before takeoff.
On Saturday we visited the Boston Museum of Science where Mike found an awesome Mathematica section. Good times!
Saturday night after an amazing dinner at Damiano we walked to see the Old North Church.
On Sunday in Boston we hit up brunch at Stephanie's. OMG it was so good. Look how big Mike's french toast was!

So that catches us up. The weekdays have been pretty boring as per usual, even though we did go to Kirkwood last night for dinner ($5 Quesadillas, woot!) and to watch the Allstar game. It was a perfect summer evening in the city.