Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Thought I would repost the 10 things I like about Gayle... Happy Birthday, Mama!

According to Birthday Tradition, here is 10 things I like about my Mom, a little late (her bday was Wednesday, July 21!):
  1. My Mom just GETS it. She gets me perhaps more than anyone.
  2. My Mom is great with kids. I don't know what she does, but she can get Gracie to sleep in 5 min flat when Katie's been trying for hours to no avail. Earlier this year I told her "I don't know how you do that, but you should bottle it and SELL it!" She has a natural talent with the childrens!
  3. My Mom can order/heat up pizza like no one's business. When my Mom was in college, my Uncle counted during one finals week and we had pizza 5 times in one week. I would like to think that all her non-cooking days have given me a fine appreciation for pizza as it's own food group.
  4. Mom knows all about the Information Technology. Sometimes when I have a question about a certain system, I'll tell someone at work that I need to talk to my "Subject Matter Expert" and then call Mom to ask how the system would work or if someone is pulling my chain. Plus she is helpful in fixing all the stuff I mess up.
  5. I help her argue with her auditors. I love giving my Mom ammo to fight back against her audit issues at work. It is way too much fun.
  6. She is one of my favorite people to gossip with. From family drama to what is going on with the people back home, Mom's always got the dirt.
  7. I've gotten some really great recipes from Mom, even if 95% of them involve some kind of ground beef. And I love that she is always down for eating out, especially at Los Bravos or Rafferty's.
  8. Mom is a great minister's wife and I love that she supports and loves my Dad. Mom sits through and is involved in countless church activities with a patience that I doubt I could ever muster. And I suspect that she thoroughly enjoys most of them!
  9. Venting to my Mom is the best thing ever. I will have talked about something to a few friends or Mike, and if it's something that is REALLY weighing on me, nothing really lifts the burden off my shoulders like talking to my Mom. After hanging up the phone with her I feel immediately lighter and better about the world.
  10. My Mom knows exactly what to say. Whatever I'm venting about, she always has the perfect thing to make me laugh or give me perspective.
As you can see, I love to just CHAT with my Mom... she is the best :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bo, it was fun to read that again. LY

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Aww so sweet. Happy Birthday to your mom!

Mich said...

Moms with 7/21 birthdays are the best :)