Thursday, April 02, 2009

Handbag nonsense.... alternatively titled: I am crazy.

Let's start this off with saying I need another handbag like I need a hole in the head. To wit:

All my bags, in that hangy thing in between the shoes and washer/dryer. I can barely fit them all in there!

Ever since I found that handbag I posted on here (the green or pink? question) I have been obsessed with finding a new, kicky, and bright handbag for spring and summer. At first I thought my spring color was a bright green, then decided on perhaps going with a plum/bright purple. I have been scouring (AND I MEAN SCOURING! There is no stone left unturned on these here interwebs) all clothes-related websites for a fun bag. My big caveat being that I didn't want to pay more than $150 for this bag, because I am cheap and because for the bag to be more than that, it should also check my e-mail and perhaps floss my teeth for me. I am bad at remembering to floss.

At some point a couple weeks ago I decided that I was not going to find the Perfect Bag online.... no, indeed. More likely, the bag would be at Nordstrom Rack. So on one of those days with near-70-degree weather, I set out on my lunch hour to find it. I walked into the Rack and immediately started going through one of their ridiculous-large bins of bags... as I did so, another woman and I rooted through the bags and I saw a flash of plum-colored-leather and she reached in to grab it. Out came The Bag. The perfect Bag. And I saw the price tag. At $70, it was also the perfect price!

This is where the story devolves. The woman inspected the bag and put it over her arm with another 4-5 bags. I figured... she might not get it? I should keep an eye on her maybe for when she puts it down?

And that is how I ended up following the woman around the store for 45 minutes. Until she checked out.

The trip wasn't a total bust. I did end up finding this guy, an Elliot Luca bag. It's mostly like this one, but is a bit smaller and skinner (doesn't flare out at the bottom). And is also lavendar. It was a steal at $40.

I came home and looked up the designer of the bag I saw the woman pick up at Nordstrom Rack. Eek! Most of his bags went for like $500 or so! Way over the price range, and more than I would any bag right now. I did end up finding a very
very similar bag online for a very good price (WAY less than the one shown at that link). The only hitch was that the bag was grey and not a fun color. When I got it I tried it out and it fit all the stuff that a purse should PLUS was able to fit my Nikon Camera. That and the zipper (gotta deter pickpockets with the zipper, yo) sold me on it. It's the perfect Everywhere Bag. Now I just need to brighten it up with a fun scarf or something. Or I could always just buy another cute, kicky, bright spring bag?

Stop me now.


Bayjb said...

I think we need to go purse shopping together, stat. And to feel better, we can get brunch too. Love the purse rack :)