Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Friday!!!

I am obviously over-excited about Easter weekend and Mike being home and the fact that we get to leave at 2 today. I've been super giddy all day long.

This morning when I got back inside from taking Milly out to potty, she jumped up on our bed and was cuddling with Mike. She gets right up next to him and leans her head waaaaay back, trying to lick his face. He cracks me up b.c he lets her cuddle but holds her down a bit so she can't lick on him. So for some random reason I started singing (to the tune of Tiny Dancer by Elton John)... "Hold me closer, tiny beagle! Please don't lick your foot, you'll huuuurt it!" etc. Mike told me those weren't the words, and I said "I know, but I don't HAVE a tiny dancer. What I have is a tiny beagle!" It was so easy to make up words to that song, maybe I should make a whole song with verses and everything about my tiny beagle!?

We had a meeting with our external auditor this morning and had a fun talk about automated auditing tools and new technologies/fun tech toys. Yeah maybe that is only fun for dorks like me? This auditor guy cracks me up b.c he always wears his airplane cufflinks when he comes to our office as a nod to my workplace. They're actually really nice airplane cufflinks too, they're super cute!

I had a very good sushi lunch with some friends I used to work with. So yummy! Plus one of the guys and myself gave the other guy a metric ton of grief about his internet stalking habits. I did a lot of laughing on that one. But whatevs, you know everyone internet stalks at least a wee bit!

So that's the day so far. Pretty good in my opinion!