Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter pics

Mike and I get in a pic. Two words: Need tan. Vacation cannot come soon enough!!
The kiddos wait for the egg-hunt go-ahead.
And they're off!
Aydan "helps" Odin. And by help I mean takes eggs out from under him. hahaha... like Odin would really get much of that candy anyways with two older brothers!
OK, I have two eggs. All I can hold. Are we done here yet?
Mike helps Odin hunt for eggs by holding onto the basket that is almost as big as Odin!
I wonder if this one tastes good?
Ooops! thought the drive-by egg grab would work... notsomuch.
I finally get a tiny smile out of Dade a little later in the day.

I love the Easter egg hunt with all the nephews. It is so much fun to see all these little boys run all over the place for eggs, and it's even more fun now that Dade and Aydan are a little older and don't stand in one place throwing one egg against the sidewalk (a real hardboiled egg... ahem, I'm looking at you, Odin) for the duration of the event. Plus the weather was gorgeous. I was sad I missed my niece, Gracie, in her Easter finery, but it's become a bit of the tradition to load the nephews up on sugar and then deal with the consequences.

As a random aside, Dade and Aydan made the paper bunny ears that Aydan is wearing above while I was napping on Saturday, and they sported them almost the whole weekend. It was so cute!

And SO SAD I totally forgot to take pictures of the newest little nephew. Little Loki was born just about a month and a half ago. Doh!


Maris said...

What little cuties! I was browsing blogs over at Everyday Aventures and found yours, can't wait to check it out further.