Monday, April 20, 2009

Poop on the porch

On Saturday, I had a super weird dog day. I'll just sum most of it up with: Milly had the flu and also almost fell out our third story window.

Milly is OK, thankfully. But something else upsetting happened.

Someone put poop on our welcome mat.

As a little backstory, about three weeks ago we found some dog doody on our front welcome mat. It was strewn across the mat in such a way that we figured someone's dog just got away from them and thought our mat looked like a great place to go. I mean, hey, it is pretty cool. Grey indoor-outdoor weave with a damask pattern. Who wouldn't want their bathroom to be that cool?

Except on Saturday, I went to take Milly outside and there was poop on our welcome mat again. Hmmm, I thought. I looked around in shock. Who would do this? I grabbed a bag out of our doggy-poo bag dispenser on Milly's leash and quickly picked it up. As I did so, I couldn't help but notice that the poo's were not placed there haphazardly. No, there were three little poo's all lined up nicely in a row. It was very obvious that someone had put them there.

My first thought is that someone obviously thinks we don't clean up after our dog and is going all vigilante-justice on us. This is absolutely NOT the case. Milly is never off-leash and/or out of sight, and never does her business in the main areas of the condo complex (and very rarely IN our condo anymore, woot! Also, knock on wood!!). Also, we ALWAYS pick up her poo once she goes, which is usually in a patch of grass at the end of our alley.

Another more disturbing option is that someone just doesn't like us and put poo on our porch to be vindictive. I really don't like this option, as I think we try REALLY HARD to be good and friendly neighbors.

Either way, I am kind of angry. I mean, if someone thinks that we're not picking up after Milly, shouldn't they come and talk to us instead of being an immature 12 year old and putting POOP on our WELCOME MAT?! Do we just look like people who wouldn't clean up after our dog? And why should I be a diligent dog owner if I'm just going to get rewarded with poo put on my porch?!

Mike wants to install a security camera to catch the poo-dropper. I have notified the condo association and think they'll send out a letter.

What kind of person would put poo on someone's welcome mat?! And what do you think we should do?


Mich said...

So very strange...and uncool. I would totally want to set up a camera too, but would prob just end up contacting the condo assn and see what happens.

Sac said...

when we had people tearing up our landscaping last summer, we put in an infra-red motion sensing camera. Pretty great idea at the time, but watching hours and hours of video was boring

Toolio said...

Video camera! Catch the bastard!

Mich said...

Walked out of our place this morning and the neighbors had a bag o' dog poop in front of their door - I think they prob left it there on accident, but regardless it made me think of you. Isn't that great? I think of you when I see poop on a porch.